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HI :)

From an earlier post ...

On 15 January 2014 05:57, Vince Radice <> wrote:
I am running Fedora FC19-64 bit. Libreoffice Version:
Build ID:

On 17 January 2014 08:28, Alex McMurchy
<> wrote:

In respect of the empty files -

Which version of LibreOffice are you using?
Which distro are you using?
Which desktop?
Is it causing you any hardship?


On Thursday 16 Jan 2014 10:10:31 Vince Radice wrote:

It is Thursday morning. I looked and there were 10 empty files in the

backup directory from 10:49 pm to 10:50 pm. When I tried to bring the

database down this morning, it would not come down - Starter was not

responding. I waited several times to see if it would clear up and

end. Nothing. I finally terminated the application. Started Calc to

cause the recovery procedure to work. Recovery was successful and no

data was lost.

I still cannot figure out what is causing the problem. I had thought

that leaving it up overnight would create the files.

Any suggestions as to what to do next? Any options that might need to

be changed.

Here is a link to a screen print of my LO Load/Save options.

As for the change to a different backend, I am open to suggestions. The

size of my database now is about 900k. I make a few additions each

week. So a small and fast is appropriate. I am open to suggestions.



On 01/16/2014 06:17 AM, Tom Davies wrote:

Hi :)

This mailing list might be able to help you migrate your existing

tables to an external back-end. There was a looong thread about this

a few years ago when Ian (err can't remember his surname [hangs head

in shame]). It is roughly what i hope to do = start with the internal

back-end and then migrate it.

To be fair it's not Hsql that is the problem. It's the ancient

version that got twisted and squeezed into being the internal back-end

in Base and then didn't get enough further developments. As an

external back-end, if you grab any of their newer versions straight

from their website, then it apparently works like a dream (errr as in

super fast and smooth, not as in imaginary). On the other hand it

might be good to choose a different back-end and there are plenty to

choose from.

When choosing a back-end it might be worth considering what sort of

size are you talking about. MySql/MariaDb, Postgresql and other big

names are meant for huge amounts of data. I mean really vast and

quite complex. For an address book for a small-medium sized business

it's over kill and you might find them comparatively sluggish when

handling that little data. What i need is something small and fast

but that often points to java-based ones such as Hsql and java makes

me shudder.

Regards from

Tom :)

On 16 January 2014 01:19, Vince Radice <> wrote:

Unfortunately, I don't know what causes the problem and, thus, I can't

recreate it.

I am trying something now. I brought it up, updated a record but did

save it (I have a saved copy someplace else). I intend to let it be up

overnight and check in the morning for the files. I had already cleared

all of the empty ones. I noted the time I brought is up and made the


I want to see if it reoccurs. if so, then when. I also intend to save

and close it in the morning. If the files are there, see if the

stops. Hopefully, this will lead to why it is happening.

On another tangent, I had lost data and had to recreate the db. During

process, I read a few things indicating that using HSQL could lead to

data. The recommendation was to use an external db. I spent several

last year trying to get Mysql to work. I followed the conversion

that I had found but was unable to get it to work. I created the Mysql

database and was able to create and load the tables (I think) but I

never get Base to recognize and use it. All of my queries and reports

in Base. I may have to try again if I can find the time. This time I

record what I install and what I do.

Vince Radice

On 01/15/2014 11:46 AM, Alex Kempshall wrote:

Having said all that. It would appear that I've never had auto backup

switched on.

Having switched it on I now see backups and autobackups for writer and

calc documents. Nothing at all for base documents.


On Wednesday 15 Jan 2014 14:35:33 Alex McMurchy wrote:

I used to have that problem. It seems to have stopped around about

July 2013. Not sure why!

Either -

I upgraded LibreOffice which stopped the feature

or I did something else which I can't remember!

I'm currently on


On Wednesday 15 Jan 2014 07:38:25 Tom Davies wrote:

Hi :)

Errr, is it possible to switch the auto-save and auto-backups off

a while and see if that improves things? The thing i find difficult

about doing that is remembering to save properly and frequently

enough. With Base i think it's also important to close properly.

There is some documentation and a handbook at

and the Faq at

might be able to help too but the best place seems to be this

list or the Base forums at Apache OpenOffice.

Regards from

Tom :)

On 15 January 2014 07:30, Tom Davies <> wrote:

Hi :)

Errr, are you using the internal back-end? You haven't connected to

an external back-end have you? You should really be keeping your

in an external back-end instead of having the whole database as a

single file.

Being able to do that is one of the main things that makes Base so

much more powerful than Access. The internal back-end got tacked on

to make Base more familiar to people who have picked up bad habits

using Access. It seems to be a bit broken though. Annoyingly the

Marketing Mailing List and all our flyers, posters and leaflets (at

least all the ones that mention Base at all) keep pushing people

using the internal back-end despite the fact that users have even

experienced data-loss by doing so. I'm tempted to ask you to take

this problem to the marketing list to get them to solve it but the

experts in Base are mostly on this list and will hopefully be able

help with this issue.

It should be possible to export your existing tables into an

back-end and this mailing list (note, not the marketing list) might

able to help you with that.

The next smart thing about Base is that forms and reports can be,

are best made in Writer or/and (i think) Calc. So normal users who

are clueless about databases can read the data in a familiar

and use familiar tools to format and edit things around the

data-fields. The forms and reports inside Base seem to be for

data-entry and people who have some clue about databases.

However i have never quite got around to getting to grips with all

this. So hopefully some of the experts might wade in and set me

straight (again)

Regards from

Tom :)

On 15 January 2014 05:57, Vince Radice <> wrote:

I am running Fedora FC19-64 bit. Libreoffice Version:

Build ID:

Here are some lines of a ls -la command

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 13:10 GRNew odb_0.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:58 GRNew odb_1000.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:58 GRNew odb_1001.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:58 GRNew odb_1002.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:58 GRNew odb_1003.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:58 GRNew odb_1004.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:58 GRNew odb_1005.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:59 GRNew odb_1006.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:59 GRNew odb_1007.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:59 GRNew odb_1008.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:59 GRNew odb_1009.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 13:26 GRNew odb_100.odb

-rw-------. 1 vince root 0 Dec 13 15:59 GRNew odb_1010.odb

My database name is GRNew,odb.

I was looking at some of the recent messages that were talking


looping saving backups of untitled documents. It mentioned Calc


as being involved. Could this be related to my problem?


Vince Radice

On 01/14/2014 12:44 PM, Tom Davies wrote:

Hi :)

On Ubuntu 12.04 i have no files in there. Do the file-names start

with a ~ or with "lock"? In either of those cases i think you can

delete the files without worry but it might be worth testing that

1 or 2 files.

Going off on a tangent i do have a non-LibreOffice folder with a

of crash reports from when i don't close Xbmc properly and i


delete all of them from time-to-time. I'm not sure if this is


or not.

Regards from

Tom :)

On 14 January 2014 04:12, Vince Radice <>

I am seeing something and I don't know if it is a problem or

something I

have to live with.

In the ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/backup directory, I have


with 0 bytes. I assume that this means the files are empty.



files there which are not empty. The non-empty ones appear to be



files I have worked on. The empty files all appear to be



a Base database that I have created using the built in hsql


file is stored on my computer. The time stamps on the files are


There are 6 files with a time stamp of 15:58, 6 with 15:59, 6



the pattern continues for the other 3,500 empty files.

Does any one else have the same situation? I have the



the general options set to 15 minutes.

I have a listing of all of the files if anyone wants to see it.

Thank you,

Vince Radice


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