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Hi :)
Congrats!!  Thanks for letting the list know you have solved the problem and also given clues a to 
how you achieved that!  Often there is not much need to trouble-shoot down to precise causes 
because the exact situation is unlikely to recur.  General principles often help more.  Tidying the 
code might seem like a trivial "waggle the wires" type answer but that is so often the way of 
fixing things that it's worth knowing which types of wires are worth waggling!  

Also the thread drew out some interesting discussion which a lot of us learned from and which may 
help us build better databases in the future.  Most people are here because they like to learn 
and/or because they enjoy problem-solving and/or they like helping people migrate to LibreOffice 
and help them enjoy using it.  So, you didn't waste our time.  

The main devs working on the main code-base for LibreOffice have been largely focussing on cleaning 
the code so it's good for us non-devs to see that activity does have good results rather than us 
just some theoretical notion that it might be a good idea.  

The main thing is that you did fix it!!
Congrats and regards from 
Tom :)  

From: Marion & Noel Lodge <>
To: "" <> 
Sent: Monday, 10 June 2013, 10:42
Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] SQL statement error when linking Main form to SubForm

Hi Everyone,

It is with a rather red face that I report that my problem with linking the
Main Form with the Sub Form has gone away!!

I imported the data for my new database from an old Paradox application and
as part of the process I used Basic Macros to manipulate the various
tables.  I added surrogate keys as primary keys and needed to get those
into various other tables as foreign keys for linking purposes.

The Macros I used were copied from another application I have written, and
modified as needed.  I think that I must have been sloppy with my database
initialization coding and possibly ended up with conflicting variables with
the same names.  Anyway, when I tidied up my code the problem disappeared!

I tried retracing my steps, but so far I have not been able to reproduce
the problem I was having.  I would much rather have 'nailed' exactly where
I went wrong, but I have run out of time and will have to let it be for now.

So, my apologies for wasting your time.  I appreciated all the help I
received, and I have picked up some new resources and ideas from your

Thanks again,

Noel Lodge

On 7 June 2013 16:55, Marion & Noel Lodge <> wrote:

Thanks for all the replies.

Yes, I have a similar structure to the id/idfam you suggested.  If for
example, I am displaying family 2 (Smith) I need a way of getting the 2 in
place of in your query, to display only Art, Sue and Ann in the Roll
data sheet. (e.g. WHERE idFam = 2)

Thanks for your reply.  Are you using the HSQL database.  The linking
works fine there, but not if you are using the H2 database as I am.

Thanks for pointing me to the examples using a FilterExample table.
Populating that table could perhaps be triggered by the Text modified Event
of the Form's FamilyID field.
I have previously written some Basic Macros that can read a value, (in
this case it could be theFamilyID) from a Form.  I've also got a Macro
that can apply a filter, say to the Roll data sheet.

I'll experiment with these two possibilities and report back on what I
come up with.

Thanks again,


Noel Lodge

On 7 June 2013 09:38, Hank Alper <> wrote:

Hi Noel
I'm building a database for a fishing club. I have Member and Boat as two
of the many tables in the DB.
I have a form which shows my Member data and a sub form with the Boat
data of all the boats the member owns.
I used the wizard to produce this form. How did you establish the
relationship between your
two tables?
I linked the primary key in the Member table (equivalent to your Family
table) and a foreign key in the Boats table (equivalent to your Rolls
I did this by building the tables using SQL coding, including  expressing
the Constraints in SQL.showing the link between the foreign key in Boats
and the Member primary key.
My form shows the Member data in columnar form and the Boat data for the
member as a data sheet which includes all the boats owned by the member
which is what I think you want for your project.

On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 8:21 AM, Marion & Noel Lodge <>wrote:

Hi Dan,

My form displays a Church Membership Roll -

- The Families Table contains the family's Surname, Address, Street Map
Reference, Date Loaded, Date Last Updated etc.
- The Roll Table has a separate line for each family member.  It includes
First Name, Title, Date of Birth, Membership Status, Occupation etc.

On the form the family fields are displayed in Columnar format with
left.  The Roll fields are in a Data sheet.

When I call up a family I want all the family members to automatically
appear, and I was hoping to do that using Main form / Sub Form linking.

At the moment, by removing the linking, I can get all of the Roll table
rows appearing in the Data sheet, so I think I'll write a macro to filter
the rows to include only those associated with the currently displayed
family.  I think this would work just as well as the linking mechanism,
can you think of a better solution?


Noel Lodge

On 6 June 2013 20:57, Dan Lewis <> wrote:

      It seems that this has been a problem since 2010 with
Base, so it is likely a problem with LibreOffice Base as well.
      This link describes how one person solved it.


      There is something more that I would like to know:
  1) What purposes do this form and subform serve? (Specifically, why
the parameter?)
2) How does the design of the form accomplish these purposes?


On 06/05/2013 09:40 PM, Marion & Noel Lodge wrote:

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your prompt and detailed reply.

I'm using the H2 database and I suspect that was the vital piece of
information that I failed to mention in my first post.  Sorry about

I originally linked the two tables using the Wizard. Then later I
used the
Form properties dialog to un-link and then relink them, but to no

When I got your reply, I created a new test Form going through all the
steps you laid out, but I got the same error message as before.

I then went to Queries | 'Create Query in SQL view' and ran this
query -

WHERE ("FamilyKey" = :link_from_FamilyID)

With the SQL button on, (Run SQL command directly), I got the same
With the button off I got a prompt to manually enter the value of
':link_from_FamilyID'.  Entering a 1 produced the same error as

I finally tried the query in a native, (HSQL not H2) database, (I
the table name to suit the other database), and when I manually
entered a
suitable integer it worked!

So my conclusion is that setting Table links in a Base Form doesn't
when using H2 as the database.  Is that right?

Thanks again for all your help - much appreciated.

Noel Lodge

On 5 June 2013 21:51, Dan Lewis <> wrote:

  Onn 06/05/2013 02:29 AM, Marion & Noel Lodge wrote:

I have a Form with families info in the Main Form and family members
in a Sub Form. The Tables and relevant fields are -
Main Form (Families)
<Info fields follow>

Sub Form (Roll)
RollID         BIGINT     IDENTITY
FamilyKey  BIGINT
<Info fields follow>

I have linked the forms using fields FamilyID and FamilyKey - a one
link.  However I get the error -
The data content could not be loaded.
SQL Statement:
WHERE ("FamilyKey" = :[*]link_from_FamilyID) [42001-139]

The problem seems to be the 'link_from_FamilyID' phrase.  I Googled
and all it says is that it is an invalid SQL Statement, but I don't
what is wrong.  Even if I did, the SQL statement is generated by the
Wizard!  Is there a way of manually over riding the Wizard?  Failing
I'll need to write a macro to filter the Roll records to achieve
what I
want to happen.  But I shouldn't need to do this.  In another
have previously got this sort of linking to work.

Can anybody see what I am doing wrong here?

I'm running LO version and Windows 7.


Noel Lodge

        Needed information: How did you link these two tables?
steps please.) Are you using Base as the front end to another
Where did Base get the name "LUCROLLS"? (I know that "PUBLIC" is the
and 'Roll" is the table name.) Is "LUCROLLS" the name of the database
       I created a database with two tables: Families and Roll.
given the primary key, FamilyID (BIGINT). Roll was given two fields:
(primary key, BIGINT), and FamilyKey (BIGINT). Using the Form
Wizard, I
created a form with Families as the main form and Roll as the
2: (Setup sub form) Clicked "Add subform" box. Clicked Next. Step 3:
subform fields) Selected "Table:Roll" from the Tables or queries
list. Clicked the double right arrow to move all the fields from the
Roll, to the "Fields in form" list. Clicked Next. Step 4: (Get joined
fields) Select FamilyKey from the "First joined subform field"
list. Select FamilyID from the "First joined main form field"
list. Click Next. I then went through the rest of the steps of the
       Possible way to correct the situation: Edit the form.
Add the Form Controls toolbar. (View > Toolbars > Form Controls) The
fourth icon from the left is the Form tool (icon). But first control
the FamilyKey field. Then click the Form tool. (The Form properties
opens.) Click the Data tab. Click the ellipse (...) for "Link master
fields". (The "Linked fields" dialog opens.) Select FamilyKey from
Roll drop-down list. Select FamilyID from the Families drop-down
Click OK. Close the Form Properties dialog. Save the Form. Save the


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