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On 6:59 AM, Narayan Aras wrote:
Hi Nik
1. The website project has no graphic designer on board-why?
By your logic, everyone else has time to be part of every other list. Their time is expendable, yours is precious right? Tell me, how many lists are you a part of? Do you practice what you preach or are you just talking sh!+?
You seem to expect a lot of others and deliver very little yourself.
2. There is no planned wireframe/icons for home page, and other sets of pages- why?
There is no search functionality on the LibO site, why?
There is no option for users to log in using facebook connect and comment on features, why? There is no website for us Australian LibO users wanting to exchange and rate wombat and koala templates, why? There is no option on the CMS to allow users to upload pictures of their grandma's using Impress, why?

Oh my bad, I should probably work closely with this list regarding these matters rather than expect that you would read my mind, right? And I should probably understand that you chaps are busy and my requests aren't the most urgent matters you deal with, yes?
Geez, that'd be nice of me!
2. We raced against launch date, missed it and still no graphic inputs-why?

Don't you think someone from your team had to contribute?
I'm probably wasting my time repeating what others have already told you,
so, -snip-.
Please do not search for any motives- We are terribly short of web designer(s).
We are not. We have a Design list full. You wouldn't know because you didn't really want to work with us.
You simply want to bring in someone you know from work and are fond of.
If you need to build a better relationship with your workmates, do it at work. Have a beer, shoot some pool, indulge in a little bro-mance, whatever. LibO is not your social tool.
The time is running out- The website is far from ready.
And I happened to have access to an excellent source. There is nothing more to it.
Interesting, time is running out? who decided that? you? has the site gone offline? have the CSS styles dropped out? is there a meteor heading towards the LibO servers? IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE INTERNETS ABOUT TO EVALUATE OUR WEBSITE TO DEEM IT WEB-WORTHY???
Your matter of urgency seems somewhat self-imposed.
I want the best possible website for LibO as soon as possible much more than you do, but I have a better understanding of what "possible" means and I recognise that our community of VOLUNTEERS is working flat-out on their respective tasks. I wouldn't be a big enough jerk to impose my priorities onto others, let alone onto other lists. But you don't seem limited by these rational concerns.
Ooooh this is going to be long, but you've wasted so much of everyone else's time, I don't feel obligated not to waste yours.


Of course I feel uncomfortable saying this on a list which is not where I make my primary contribution to this project, but multiple people have tried to reason with you, but you're not open to that. Let me put it simply...

I don't know whether you are genuinely interested in the well-being of this project, but you don't behave like such a person.
For three reasons;
1. You don't seem to value anyone's opinion but your own.
2. You don't seem to respect people in this community that the community respects. 3. You don't seem capable of negotiating or understanding that your one vote does not outweigh the vote of many others.

People have tried to steer you gently in the right direction, or encouraged you, but your blind faith in your opinion has become somewhat of a problem. I've been watching quietly for ages, imagine my irritation that I actually have to write this at all? OpenSource projects have a fundamental problem in that people who cause delays and argue more than they contribute *can't* be /told/ to leave, they have to realise it for themselves that they have become a burden. A /burden/, Narayan. You seem to be exploiting this loophole a great deal. While I, personally would love to see you leave for good, I'm sure others would suggest you take some time out and really contemplate whether you are really in this for the right reasons; and whether your input is actually benefiting others, rather than slowing them down.

If you DO decide to return after that time-out (that I suspect you don't think you need to take), when you come back, *DON'T insult the members of this community like you have done the last few days*. I'm sure you think you're making a mockery of some members of this project, but in truth, all I see is how much *you can't /cooperate/*, let alone */collaborate/*. Frankly, you're making an ass of yourself while you post smiley faces and assume you're being clever. Members like Charles SCHULZ are founding members of this community, no matter what you say, they will retain the support and admiration of this community *long* after you're gone. How DARE you assume you even have the right to undermine them like you do? what have you done that is SO important that it demands we listen to YOUR arguments over his? Charles' responsibilities span the breadth of this entire project, on lists you haven't even VISITED, and you want him to read every word that YOU write? *amazing*. Wherever you get your confidence, they must be doing brisk business with clients the likes of you.

Then there's Italo VIGNOLI, another respected and established member of the SC that you've been arguing with ABOUT HIS TIME COMMITMENTS TO THIS PROJECT? I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is to see someone new walk in and question someone who has been at this tirelessly for YEARS! I mean, FOR FU┬ęKS SAKE?!? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!? You are talking to people who have dedicated their lives to this before you had even heard about it. I have never seen Italo lose his cool, he has always managed to gently persuade people by shining some of his hard-earned wisdom their way. But I suppose they were all logical and reasonable people and you're another matter entirely.

More recently, Bernhard DIPPOLD has been very courteous to you, but you don't listen to his calm suggestions, you just list your terms and conditions. As if you're someone to be reckoned with. Bernhard is basically the leader of the entire Visual Design team in this community, the team whose help you would shun, and if you were truly interested in any form of collaboration, it would be wise to *not* piss him off, because the man has considerable sway amongst us Designers. And when we look to design finalisation, we look to Bernhard and Christoph. Keep that in mind. Your Design friend *MUST* join this community if he wants to contribute. Yes,*I'm being perfectly clear*, no ifs or buts, no misinterpretation possible. Frankly, I demand it. I don't subscribe to countless mailing lists and iterate my designs with a community because I have lots of spare time, I do it because that is the proper procedure anyone follows to be part of this community. *No one is above it.*

You're probably thinking "why is this chap such a LibO groupie?". I don't expect you to understand, this COMMUNITY is built of people who have worked at this so hard and for so long that we have mutually earned each other's respect. It seems like the only community you're interested in building is a network of mirrors and cameras all pointed at you. Good luck with that! Even most of the new members seem to understand their place intuitively and seamlessly integrate. But YOU have a very high opinion of yourself. Unfortunately, I notice there isn't anyone in this community to speak up kindly of your contributions and efforts? What does that tell you? ... knowing you, probably not much.

Several people have responded to Bernhard's poll, not one amongst them agreed to your external Designer. But you still argue for this cause. *Against* the wisdom of the established members, *against* the wishes of the Design contributors, *against* the very team you allege to belong, *against* the greater good of this entire project. Despite all of these indications otherwise, somehow, in your head which is so far detached from the real world, you seem to come to the conclusion that you are still in the right. That people MUST see it your way because they must ALL somehow be wrong. Now, you're notorious for not actually answering the questions people ask of you in correspondence, like you un-skilfully evaded comment on my earlier hypothetical situation, but I'm just going to pose this one question to you and that's all you'll have to answer;

Everyone's opinion here is important and all ideas are worth discussing, but decisions are made, usually by people senior enough to make them (and yes that IS meritocratic because their seniority comes from contribution, not time), then we move on and tackle the next problem. You don't seem to accept decisions, you just argue. So, my question;

I'm dying to know.

If you take just one thing away from this long Email, let it be this:
DON'T INSULT THE WORK ETHIC OR CONTRIBUTION OF THE COMMUNITY YOU WANT *apparently* TO BE A PART OF! We respect each other, you have yet to identify a reason that respect should extend to you. Stop wasting time. Start taking No as an answer. It happens, deal with it. If you don't like it, there isn't anyone begging you to stay. To the contrary, I can see Italo reaching for his shotgun as we speak. I hope it's sawn-off.

If this sounds like a personal attack, I mustn't have been clear how detrimental I think you are to LibO. You're as useful as Haemorrhoids to a bike-rider. I'm sure you're good at what you do. But you're NOT good at this, in fact, you're terrible. A community, of any kind, is simply not the place for you.

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