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Alright - well for the moment what I am doing then is this - the latest
de box image is coming done to my machine via bt as I write this. 

I'm out and about for a bit this afternoon, so this will be done when I
get back.

I can help here also, if you tell me what pages you want, but have not
had a chance to translate I can do that.

If you could help me - if you would take the html files you have
finished with and just put them in an archive and send to my direct
email address.

You don't have to worry about changes from the box distribution, since
this is your own community distro (even if only used hand to hand)

I'll go ahead and look any branding issues and fix-up anything as needed
and get that back to you (likely only one or two logo files I send you,
and all you need is to search and replace in the html files)

If that sounds like a plan to you, it does to me.

Happy to help,


On Tue, 2011-02-15 at 08:39 -0500, webmaster for Kracked Press
Productions wrote:
What I did was to gather up all of the files I could,
install, documents, extensions, templates, etc..
Then I took the German DVD's HTML files and used
Google's Translation tools to see what it states in English.
I edited the HTML file to be English [the one that states LibreOffice
not install files].  After that, I took the links and pointed them
to the folders/files that I gathered for my disc.  It does
not have the same file structure as the German DVD.  I have
less folders and HTML files to edit.

Most of the page with the install files are done, but it still needs
links to some English online documents.

Next I will do the other main pages show in the main
navigation list.  That list should be modified to remove
the Development page, since the average end user will
not want to see, or deal with, developing the software.
Some may think they need to install those files as well.

The Module page is not a name that most people I deal
with would understand what it means.  "About LO" or something
like that would be better.  Since that page shows info
about the different parts of the suite, module is not
a word that they would thing to use.

Since I would like to drop the "development" link, that
would be a good place to link the Documents to the
main menu.  Off that link would be a main page showing
a list of all the different PDF files that I gathered that
has documentation that can be used for LibreOffice.
That list will include OOo's documentation to stand in
for the LO ones not yet made.  LO has 0100 and 0200
documents, but not the 0300, 0400, 0500, and 0800,
i.e. Calc, Impress, Draw, and Math/Formula.  There is
a lack of Base documents, so I will have to go outside
that type of document[s] to give the user some Base

In short, I an using the German site/DVD as a basis for
the visual style for the main pages, but I am using my
folder structure and not using as many HTML files to deal
with the needed items. I do not like to click on a link, thinking
I will be getting my file[s], but instead get another page
that gives me another link to the wanted file.  That is
what is seems to me is going on with the German DVD.
Too many sub folders with too many HTML files to keep
up-to-date for me to keep maintained.


On the DEB JRE info, I know there is a link on the JAVA web
site for a .bin file, just like the RPM ones.  I wonder why RPM
was shown for JRE on the DVD but not the DEB versions.  Personally
I do not like dealing with .bin files/commands since I am not
that "up" on dealing with them.  I know that Java is part of the
repository of Ubuntu and I do not know if the most-up-to-date
JRE is worth the hassle of getting a .bin file to run correctly on
my system.


Actually, the German DVD was 2.8 +/- GB in size.  I know that I
have a lot more templates and extensions in my disc folder than
the German DVD has with the snapshot I have.  I was thinking that
the user of the DVD might not be at a computer that Internet access.
I know of several who are like that or they can only get dial-up access.
If I provide as much as I can on the DVD for these options, then
they will not need to go online to get them.  The setup time to write
the text may be longer, but it will be better for the user.  Also, I
have one folder for extensions, not one for each.  The templates are
in several sub-folder groupings that is logical for the user of the
disc without the HTML files to look at first.

On 02/14/2011 09:24 PM, drew wrote:
On Mon, 2011-02-14 at 20:21 -0500, webmaster for Kracked Press
Productions wrote:
OK, I reworked the file.

Actually, I had to rework my install HTML file[s] since for some reason
I deleted the install folders for all of the platforms.  I had to
all of the files again and start from scratch.  Well it looks close to the
English Translation of the German web site
web site that the German DVD snapshot is based upon.

Right now the following links are on the "top".

Install         [not LibreOffice since it could be confusing]
Module        [not changed yet to something less confusing]
Development  [needed for End Users? - Replace with Documentation?]

I do not think that the Development section is needed by end-users.
This could be changed to Documentation.

Module - could be "LibreO Info"

The Extras could be left out or renamed.  Do we want to have this
DVD include any more Open Source software than LibreOffice?

For the Language and Help Files section
in the "language row" I added "included in the install" in the US
English column.
I removed the German and Italian columns as well, since this was for a
North America DVD.  I also named the columns "Spanish", "French", and
"US English".  This helps the end user know which one they want to use.

There is a problem with some of the linked documentation - which is in
German.  So that will need to be addressed so the instructions can be on
the DVD in the needed languages.  We can get by with the online ones
going through Google Translator, but these is a possibility of the person
using this DVD on a computer not connected to the Internet.
Ok - this sounds now like you are starting from the German box image
and .. ok, well much if not all of the documentation can be had in
English - I think.

The image of the German LibreOfficeBox that I have here is an older
release, before the change to the newer web site branding. But the files
should be the same, in the documentation section.

I could round up links to the English files for you or round up the
files for you - your call?

Any reasons why under Java there is no DEB link?
Don't know, but know where to ask - I will do that.

We could have something
about Java being part of the install of many of the Linux DEB install
I know Ubuntu did so for my system, but they are behind the most up-to-date
version on the Java web site.
OK - that might be it - again I'll try to find out if that is just an
omission on that disc or a decision.

Thanks again


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