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Hi Don,

Thanks for the input.

Is this also using a string literal after the format string, like " /
hour" ? And if so, even if the formatting isn't messed up, is there a
space between the number specifier and the string literal, like
#,###.00 " / hour"

or has the space been put inside the string literal, like
#,###.00"  /hour"

I suspect the space issue is not region specific, but just isn't
immediately apparent on US versions, so would be interested to hear if
it is happening or not with your documents.



On Thu, 12 Sep 2013 22:41:50 -0400
Don Myers <> wrote:


I'm running LO (Document Foundation Version) in Ubuntu 13.04. 
After reading about this issue, I tried some spreadsheets going back
a number of years, mostly .ods, and one .sxc, and all of the formulas 
saved in them are working perfectly. This is in the US. I also tried 
some new formulas using existing data in the spreadsheet, and they
work fine also.


On 09/12/2013 08:54 PM, Paul wrote:
Hi Regina, All,

I've finally (finally!) updated LO, and checked this problem again,
and it still manifests. I can confirm that it manifests with the
following LO versions:

This is with a locale of South Africa, but I think that just makes
the problem worse by confusing some of the characters in the string
"hour" with locale specific currency symbols; the underlying
problem has to do with not preserving the space before the quoted
string literal in the format string over saves, which is not a
locale specific problem, as far as I can see.

Can anybody confirm this and give their LO version and locale?

Should I file a bug report, and if so how do I go about doing that?
When I first looked at filing a bug, I found both and Which is the currently
preferred bugtracker?

Thanks for the assistance so far


On Fri, 19 Jul 2013 15:07:20 +0200
Paul <> wrote:

Hi All,

Haven't had a chance to test in LO 4.1 beta, but I was hoping
someone could at least confirm that they are getting the same
results in 4.0 or prior, and maybe even someone with 4.1 could
comment on if it is still happening.


Regina, you said you weren't getting the weird formatting in your
version, but can you confirm the behaviour as regards the moving of
the space in your version?

Many thanks


On Wed, 10 Jul 2013 02:11:26 +0200
Paul <> wrote:

Hi Regina,

Terribly sorry about the delay in following up on your
suggestions. I didn't mean to just disappear like that. It's been
a bit hectic here, and I haven't had time to try with LibreOffice
4.1 beta yet, but I've tried a couple of other things.

Firstly, I tried formatting the cell as a plain number, with
' " / hour"' after the default format, so the complete format is
#,###.00 " / hour"

This got changed over the save to
#,###.00"  / hour"

Again, the space was removed in front of the quotes, and added
behind. Other than that, the "hour" wasn't mangled, I'm assuming
that the mangling is only because of interpreting it as currency

When I removed the extra space behind the quotes, but left it
without a space in front, it preserved that over saves, i.e. the
following worked fine over saves
#,###.00" / hour"

This is still rejected when I change to currency format.

Next, I looked at my locale settings. Under Tools|Options|Language
Settings|Languages I have the following:
Language of
     User interface: Default - English (USA)
     Locale setting: Default - English (South Africa)
     Decimal separator key: checked : Same as locale setting (.)
     Default currency: Default - ZAR
     Date acceptance patterns: Y/M/D;M/D
Default languages for documents
     Western: English (South Africa)
     Asian: greyed out : Default - Chinese (simplified)
     CTL: greyed out : Default - Hindi
     For the current document only: not checked
Enhanced language support
     Show UI elements for East Asian writings: not checked
     Show UI elements for Bi-Directional writing: not checked
     Ignore system input language: not checked

I tried changing the default locale setting to "English (USA)",
which also changed the currency and date settings. When I added '
" / hour"' it again moved the space from in front of the quotes to
inside the quotes over saves. But now this doesn't mangle
anything, I'm guessing because it's using a dollar sign instead
of an "R" as the currency symbol. Changing the symbol to "R" by
changing the format code from "[$$-409]" to "[$R-409]" works if
the locale is "English (USA)". When the locale is "Default -
English (South Africa)", changing the currency symbol by changing
"[$R-1C09]" to "[$$-1C09]" doesn't help matters.

I also noticed that with a space either in front of the quotes or
moved inside the quotes to give a double space before the slash,
two spaces are shown before the slash in the actual cell. So the
only way to get only one space between the number and the slash
in the cell is to have only one space, either in front of the
qoutes or inside the quotes, but not both.

It feels like there are two bugs, the first is that over saves LO
doesn't preserve the space before the quotes, and moves it inside
the quotes, irrespective of locale, and the second is that when
there is no space before the quotes, the letters inside the quotes
get interpreted as control codes instead of as literal text, and
this interpretation depends on locale.

There was also some strange behavior when entering just a plain
number format, not currency. If I tried to enter a new number
format by adding spaces inside the quotes, without a space in
front of the quotes, say by setting the format to '#,###.00" /
hour"' and then adding spaces to make it '#,###.00"   / hour"',
the moment it became a new format (one I hadn't used before), the
preview changed to just displaying the number, without any
formatting, and if I clicked OK, this carried over to the cell
and reset the format to '#,##0 ;(#,##0)'. If, however, I didn't
click OK when the preview reset, and instead added a space before
the quotes, the preview suddenly became correct, and I could then
remove the space in front of the quotes and it would stay
correct. Once I pressed OK this format would get saved, and I
could use it again without it getting messed up. Likewise if I
added a format with, say, 5 spaces in the quotes and no space
before the quotes, in this way, then went to cell formatting
again and removed a space to four spaces, this didn't get messed
up. But if I removed another space, to 3 spaces, which is a
format I had previously used, then added a space, the format
would get messed up again. It seems that there is some format
interpretation going on behind the scenes when a space is added
that is not going on when a space is removed.

I think someone needs to have a careful look at how this section
of the code is operating, there are subtle bugs in it.

I will try to install the beta as soon as I can, and will test
again and report back.

Thanks again for the help


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