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On 21-04-2013 14:08, Philip Rhoades wrote:

When I record a macro to export to PDF with file-open password
protection, the resulting PDF does in fact have password protection.
However, if I run the previously recorded macro again, the resulting PDF
is NOT password protected!  I have found a mention of this problem with
OO but haven't had any success using the suggested solution there with
LO . .

Another solution would be to use unoconv - but the version on Fedora 18
(0.5.2) does not seem to work with password protection either (although
it is in the help info) . .

Does anyone have a WORKING macro that will export PDFs with file-open
password protection?



Ok after some searching.....
i found the answer in this discussion:

Here it is :
REM  *****  BASIC  *****

Sub ExportPDF
' Call the export-routine below with optional arguments for passpharases and/or watermark-text: ' argument 1 = target file (path and PDF-filename like required from your file-system)
   '   argument 2 = file open password,
   '   argument 3 = restriction password
   '   argument 4 = watermark text
   ' Examples:
      ' No special settings at all (export only):
      '   PdfExportWithFilter()
      ' Export to a special destination (no further settings):
      '   PdfExportWithFilter("D:\TESTPATH\TESTDOC.pdf")
      ' Export to a special destination with the to-open-password "test":
          PdfExportWithFilter("C:\Temp\TESTDOC.PDF", "test")
' Export using the file-manager (no destination defined) with the restriction-password "test":
      '    PdfExportWithFilter("", "", "test")
      ' Export using the file-manager with no passwords but a watermark:
      '    PdfExportWithFilter("", "", "", "THIS IS AN EXAMPLE!")
End Sub

Sub PdfExportWithFilter(Optional TargetFile As Variant, Optional OpenPassword As String, Optional PermitPassword As String, Optional WatermarkText As String)

   ' Sub "PdfExportWithFilter"
   ' Author: ejomi
   ' Date: 2012/09
   '    Arguments (all optional / can be left empty):
' TargetFile = The path and filename of the PDF-File (syntax as required from your file-system)
   '    OpenPassword   =  Passphrase for opening the ready made PDF-File
' PermitPassword = Passphrases for setting user-restrictions to the PDF-File ' WatermarkText = A text for a watermark to be drawn on every page of the exported PDF file
   ' Details of the PDF-Export specifications and filters, see:

' --------------------------------- I N I T -------------------------------------

   ' Define some local variables:
   Dim oDoc As Object, Dispatcher As Object
   Dim ExportFilter(33) As New
   Dim PdfProperty(3) As New
   Dim SetEncrypt As Boolean, SetRestricts As Boolean

   ' Automatically toggle the encrypt- and restriction-switches
' depending on a given passphrase for "File Open" and/or "User Permissions":
   If IsMissing(TargetFile) Then TargetFile = ""
   If IsMissing(OpenPassword) Then OpenPassword = ""
   If IsMissing(PermitPassword) Then PermitPassword = ""
   If IsMissing(WatermarkText) Then WatermarkText = ""

' The Constant "url_pdf_out" forces a filemanager before exporting the new PDF-File:
   If TargetFile = "" Then
      TargetFile = url_pdf_out
      TargetFile = ConvertToURL(TargetFile)

   If OpenPassword <> "" Then SetEncrypt = True
   If PermitPassword <> "" Then SetRestricts = True

   ' Get access to the current writer document:
   oDoc = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame

   ' Initialize the UNO-Dispatcher:
   Dispatcher = createUnoService("")

' ------------------- D I S P L A Y - S E T T I N G S ---------------------------

   ExportFilter(0).Name   = "SelectPdfVersion"
   ' Specifies the version of PDF to emit.
   '  0 = PDF 1.4 (default selection).
   '  1 = PDF/A-1 (ISO 19005-1:2005)
   ExportFilter(0).Value  = 0

   ExportFilter(1).Name   = "PDFViewSelection"
   ' Specifies the way the exported PDF will be viewed by the user.
   '  0 = The PDF will be exported with all the links external
   '      to the document treated as URI (= Default).
   '  1 = The PDF will be exported in order to be viewed
   '      through a PDF reader application only.
   '      (Valid only if not exporting to PDF/A-1,
   '      e.g. SelectPdfVersion not set to 1).
' 2 = The PDF will be exported in order to be viewed through an Internet browser, ' using the PDF plug-in provided with it. The bookmark of the URI will be rendered ' compatible with the target bookmark generated with OOo PDF Export feature
   '      (see ExportBookmarksToPDFDestination, below).
   ExportFilter(1).Value  = 0

   ExportFilter(2).Name   = "InitialView"
   ' Specifies how the PDF document should be displayed when opened:
   '  0 = Select the default viewer mode, neither outlines or thumbnails.
   '  1 = The document is opened with outline pane opened
   '  2 = The document is opened with thumbnail pane opened
   ExportFilter(2).Value  = 0

   ExportFilter(3).Name   = "CenterWindow"
   ' Specifies that the PDF viewer window is centered to the screen:
   ExportFilter(3).Value  = True

   ExportFilter(4).Name   = "ResizeWindowToInitialPage"
' Specifies that the PDF viewer window is opened full screen when the document is opened.
   ExportFilter(4).Value  = False

   ExportFilter(5).Name   = "InitialPage"
' Specifies the page on which a PDF document should be opened in the viewer application:
   ExportFilter(5).Value  = 1

   ExportFilter(6).Name   = "PageLayout"
   ' Specifies the page layout to be used when the document is opened.
   '  0= Display the pages according to the reader configuration.
   '  1= Display one page at a time.
   '  2= Display the pages in one column.
   '  3= Display the pages in two columns odd pages on the right,
   '     to have the odd pages on the left the "FirstPageOnLeft" property
   '     should be used as well.
   ExportFilter(6).Value  = 0

   ExportFilter(7).Name   = "FirstPageOnLeft"
   ' Used with the value 3 of the "PageLayout" property above.
   ' TRUE if the first page (odd) should be on the left side of the screen.
   ExportFilter(7).Value  = True

   ExportFilter(8).Name   = "IsSkipEmptyPages"
   ' Specifies that automatically inserted empty pages are suppressed.
   ' This option is active only if storing Writer documents:
   ExportFilter(8).Value  = True

   ExportFilter(9).Name   = "UseTransitionEffects"
   ' Specifies slide transitions are exported to PDF.
   ' This option is active only if storing Impress documents:
   ExportFilter(9).Value  = True

   ExportFilter(10).Name  = "Magnification"
   ' Specifies the action to be performed when the PDF document is opened.
   '  0= Opens with default zoom magnification.
   '  1= Opens magnified to fit the entire page within the window.
   '  2= Opens magnified to fit the entire page width within the window.
' 3= Opens magnified to fit the entire width of its boundig box within the window (cuts out margins).
   '  4= Opens with the zoom level specified in the Zoom property.
   ExportFilter(10).Value = 0

   ExportFilter(11).Name  = "Zoom"
   ' Specifies the zoom level a PDF document is opened with.
   ' Only valid if "Magnification" is set to "4".
   ExportFilter(11).Value = 100

   ExportFilter(12).Name  = "DisplayPDFDocumentTitle"
' Specifies that the title of the document (if present in the document properties)
   ' is displayed in the PDF viewer window title bar.
   ExportFilter(12).Value = True

   ExportFilter(13).Name  = "HideViewerMenubar"
' Specifies whether to hide the PDF viewer menubar when the document is active:
   ExportFilter(13).Value = True

   ExportFilter(14).Name  = "HideViewerToolbar"
' Specifies whether to hide the PDF viewer toolbar when the document is active:
   ExportFilter(14).Value = True

   ExportFilter(15).Name  = "HideViewerWindowControls"
' Specifies whether to hide the PDF viewer controls when the document is active:
   ExportFilter(15).Value = False

   ExportFilter(16).Name  = "OpenBookmarkLevels"
'Specifies how many bookmark levels should be opened in the reader application.
   '  -1        =  all bookmark levels are opened
   '   1 to 10  =  indicate a bookmark level (from 1 to 10)
   ExportFilter(16).Value = -1

' ------------------------ L I N K - B E H A V I O U R -------------------------

   ExportFilter(17).Name  = "ExportBookmarksToPDFDestination"
   ' Specifies that the bookmarks contained in the source file
   ' should be exported to the PDF file as Named Destination:
   ExportFilter(17).Value = False

   ExportFilter(18).Name  = "ExportLinksRelativeFsys"
   ' Specifies that the file system related hyperlinks (file:// protocol)
' present in the document will be exported as relative to the source document location:
   ExportFilter(18).Value = True

   ExportFilter(19).Name  = "ConvertOOoTargetToPDFTarget"
   ' Specifies that the target documents with .od[tpgs] extension,
' will have that extension changed to .pdf when the link is exported to PDF.
   ' The source document remains untouched.
   ExportFilter(19).Value = True

' ------------------------- P A S S W O R D - S E T S ---------------------------

   ExportFilter(20).Name  = "DocumentOpenPassword"
   ' Contains the Password that allows the user
   ' to open the PDF file (only if "EncryptFile" is set to TRUE)
   ExportFilter(20).Value = OpenPassword

   ExportFilter(21).Name  = "EncryptFile"
' If set to TRUE, it selects to encrypt the PDF document with a password. ' The PDF file can be opened only when the user enters the correct password.
   ExportFilter(21).Value = SetEncrypt

   ExportFilter(22).Name  = "PermissionPassword"
   ' Contains the Password that allows the user
' to access some permissions restricted only if "RestrictPermissions" is set to TRUE:
   ExportFilter(22).Value = PermitPassword

   ExportFilter(23).Name  = "RestrictPermissions"
   ' If set to TRUE, selects to restrict some permissions.
' The permissions can be changed only when the user enters the correct password.
   ExportFilter(23).Value = SetRestricts

' -------------------------- P E R M I S S I O N S ------------------------------

   ExportFilter(24).Name  = "EnableCopyingOfContent"
   ' Specifies that the pages and the document content
   ' can be extracted to be used in other documents (copy and paste)
   ExportFilter(24).Value = False

   ExportFilter(25).Name  = "Printing"
   ' Printing allowed from the document:
   '  0 = The document cannot be printed.
   '  1 = The document can be printed at low resolution only.
   '  2 = The document can be printed at maximum resolution.
   ExportFilter(25).Value = 1

   ExportFilter(26).Name  = "Changes"
   ' Changes allowed to the document:
   '  0 = The document cannot be changed.
   '  1 = Inserting deleting and rotating pages is allowed.
   '  2 = Filling of form field is allowed.
   '  3 = Both filling of form field and commenting is allowed.
   '  4 = All the changes of the previous selections are permitted,
   '      with the only exclusion of page extraction (copy).
   ExportFilter(26).Value = 0

   ExportFilter(27).Name  = "ExportNotes"
   ' Specifies if notes are exported to PDF:
   ExportFilter(27).Value = False

   ExportFilter(28).Name  = "ExportBookmarksToPDFDestination"
   ' Specifies if notes pages are exported to PDF.
   ' (Notes pages are available in Impress documents only).
   ExportFilter(28).Value = False

   ExportFilter(29).Name  = "ExportFormFields"
   ' Specifies whether form fields are exported as widgets
   ' or only their fixed print representation is exported.
   ExportFilter(29).Value = False

   ExportFilter(30).Name  = "EnableTextAccessForAccessibilityTools"
' Document content can be extracted to be used in accessibility applications.
   ExportFilter(30).Value = False

   ExportFilter(31).Name  = "IsAddStream"
   ' Specifies that a stream is inserted to the PDF file
   ' which contains the original document for archiving purposes.
   ' (This option is active only if the PDF Import extension is installed):
   ExportFilter(31).Value = False

   If WatermarkText <> "" Then
      ExportFilter(32).Name  = "Watermark"
' Specifies the text for a watermark to be drawn on every page of the exported PDF file.
      ExportFilter(32).Value = WatermarkText

' -------------------- PUT PROPERTIES TO THE PDF-DOCUMENT ------------------------

   PdfProperty(0).Name  = "URL"
   PdfProperty(0).Value = TargetFile
   PdfProperty(1).Name  = "FilterName"
   PdfProperty(1).Value = "writer_pdf_Export"
   PdfProperty(2).Name  = "FilterData"
   PdfProperty(2).Value = ExportFilter

   ' Export the customized PDF-Document:
Dispatcher.executeDispatch(oDoc, ".uno:ExportDirectToPDF", "", 0, PdfProperty())

End Sub

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