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       rsync  ???

       I think i are sinking fast ...

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On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 10:59 AM, Tom Davies <> wrote:

Hi :)
I favour copy&paste or even better is drag&drop.  No need for anything
fancy like rsync or anything.
Regards from
Tom :)

*From:* anne-ology <>
*To:* Tom <>
*Cc:* rost52 <>;
*Sent:* Tuesday, 4 December 2012, 16:48

*Subject:* Re: [libreoffice-users] query re. LO crashing ...


      But HOW does one effectively restore the old to the new  ???
          [that aspect boggles my mind]

      Believe it or not - last night I cleaned out the caches then shut it
down -
          and this morning, all seems to be working well  ???

*bog·gle  v. bog·gled, bog·gling, bog·gles

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      Maybe there's a ghost in this machine ... came in with the fog
[London has nothing over this 4-day [so far] fog]  ;-)

On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 4:10 AM, Tom Davies <>

Hi :)
Probably best to start by renaming your User Profile

That tends to be the best and fastest fix for anything weird, especially
things that suddenly started behaving weirdly for no readily apparent
reason and which did work properly previously.  Also does sometimes fix
things in fresh new installs.

In the old days or with older style programs you would "get back to
factory defaults" by doing a complete reinstall but that is not the case
with OpenSource software and some proprietary software seems to be
the trick too now.  So, nowadays when you do a reinstall programs tend to
pick-up on your old settings and keeps your galleries, templates,
Extensions and all the rest intact.  To get back to factory defaults you
just rename the folder that all those settings and configurations are in.
That is the User Profile.

By renaming instead of deleting you keep all your old stuff but have just
effectively hidden it so that LO is forced to generate a new one.  Later
you can copy&paste chunks from your old profile into your new one to
some of your old stuff.  If weirdnesses have occurred then the most
cause is apparently 3rd party Extensions so you can probably get almost
your old stuff back.

Regards from
Tom :)

From: rost52 <>
Sent: Tuesday, 4 December 2012, 9:36
Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] query re. LO crashing ...

I think this it is not much of a problem.
Options / LibreOffice / OnlineUpdate / check now.

or go

Installation is very simple, just install, and LibO takes the previous
setting automatically. Its a
5 min job. I takes more time to get the dust from the old typewriter.

Today I would install and next week or so upgrade to 3.6.4

On 2012-12-04 12:33, anne-ology wrote:
       ... all was fine until today; LO no longer opens PDF files or
files ... what could have happened ???

       If I up-date [from 3.4] will this clear up the problem? or will
problem persist?

       AND where is the best place to download the program - updates -
without all the bits and pieces separated out;
             ok, I'm looking for a simplified, non-geek place to
updated version [to which ???].

       The more I learn of these computers, the stupider I feel  ;-)

       Anyone else in this boat ... anyone able to help the drowning
... or
is it time to pitch this 'glorified typewriter' out the window and
the manual typewriter from the attic ...

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