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   On all non-Windows platforms a new mork driver implementation is
used to access Thunderbird address book. This means that Debian/Ubuntu
users can finally integrate LO with their Thunderbird address book.
(Debian/Ubuntu distros are not shipping a Mozilla-based mork driver,
therefore their native Base package can not access the address book.)
This also fixes some really old bugs for different distros. (David

       For more information please see:
   In Forms, AutoFilter does not anymore treat values as patterns. As a
consequence, an AutoFilter on "A*" will not anymore match any value
starting with an A, but only the exact value "A*". fdo#48807 (Lionel
Elie Mamane)

*Core Changes

   Integration of session installer to add missing parts of LibreOffice
on the fly (Björn Michaelsen)

   LibreOffice 4.0 ships four new open-source font families: Open Sans
(Ascender), PT Serif (ParaType), Source Code Pro and Source Sans Pro

     CMIS protocol support for easy access to document stored on
Document Management Systems like Alfresco, Nuxeo, SharePoint... (Cédric
Bosdonnat). See an English language version of a demonstration of CMIS
integration of LibreOffice 4.0 with Nuxeo on Youtube.
   Reduce Java code: Port Fax and Letter Wizard to Python (Xisco Faulí)

*Options / General
 New Regular Expression Engine (Herbert Duerr - Apache)

   We now use the ICU regular expression engine instead of a custom
version. This solves several "find and replace" bugs, and is faster and
smaller. We have compatibility code to map old-style word boundary
syntax \> and \< to \b while upgrading. Read more about the ICU regexp
engine. Japanese users should be aware that some more advanced
transliterations may behave differently.

   Java and advanced options now combined in Tools ‣ Options ‣
LibreOffice ‣ Advanced. For choosing experimental features and enabling
macro-recording. (Joel Madero)

   Import filter for Microsoft Publisher publications. More details in
this blog.

   Extended coverage of Visio file-format. LibreOffice 4.0.0 supports
all existing Visio file formats from Visio 1.0 released in 1992 to
Microsoft Visio 2013 released in 2012. More details in this blog.

   Improved ODF compatibility in various points. (Michael Stahl)


    Possibility to select the interpolation (resampling) algorithm.

   Improve quality of displaying images in documents. (Tomaž Vajngerl)

   It is possible now to select and copy text from message boxes.
fdo#46193 (Tamas Zolnai)

   The "Apply Style" combo box in the toolbar now features previews of
the styles to choose. (Jan Holesovsky)

   Unity integration (Antonio Fernandez, Björn Michaelsen, Alberto
Ruiz, Ryan Lortie, Ted Gould)

   Hide / Show styles in the “Styles & Formatting” dialog (Cédric

    Support Firefox Personas in LibreOffice. With LibreOffice 4.0, you
can choose Tools ‣ Options… ‣ Personalization ‣ Select Persona, choose a
persona you like in your browser, paste its address to the dialog,
confirm, and LibreOffice will use that. (Jan Holesovsky)

   New templates manager to bring the templates to the user (Rafael
Dominguez and Cédric Bosdonnat)

   New Widget layout technique for dialog windows introduced, and
converted various dialogs; see WidgetLayout. (Caolán McNamara, Jack
Leigh, Gokul)
       UI mockups can be created with Glade UI designer then hooked up
to code.
       Converted widgets can be edited without recompiling Libreoffice.
More easy to iterate for good UI design.
       Support for easily resizing and hiding elements. Reduces code
       Intent to follow best-practice guidelines for spacing and
indentation yielding nicely spaced, clearer dialogs.

   Added dialog for Smooth image filter, where it is possible to select
the radius (strength) of smoothing/blurring. (Tomaž Vajngerl)

   Graphics can be resized and recompressed with the new Compress
Graphics.. popup menu function. (Tomaž Vajngerl)
       Menu function is available in Draw, Impress and Calc but not
(yet) Writer.
       Supports displaying of current graphics information: original
dimensions, dimensions inside of document.
       Ability to reduce image resolution with setting a new dimension
(width/height in pixels and DPI).
       Lossless (PNG) or lossy (JPEG) compression with ability to set
the quality and compression strength.

   Added Edit with External Tool to Calc, Impress and Draw. (Tomaž

   Unify Popup menu option Save Graphic… from Writer and Save as
Picture… from Draw and Impress to Save Graphic…. (Tomaž Vajngerl)

   The templates management interfaces now allows to have non-native
template files: templates from other office suites are now handled like
the ODF ones. (Cédric Bosdonnat)


   Idxexample.odt localizable via PO files (Insert ‣ Indexes and Tables
‣ Indexes and Tables…). (Istvan Turi)
   agenda/fax/letter/report templates localizable via PO files (File ‣
Wizards). (Istvan Turi)
   Added locale data files for axk_CG beq_CG bkw_CG bvx_CG dde_CG
ebo_CG iyx_CG kkw_CG kng_CG ldi_CG mdw_CG mkw_CG ngz_CG njx_CG njy_CG
puu_CG sdj_CG tek_CG tsa_CG tyx_CG vif_CG xku_CG yom_CG. (Jeremy Brown)
   The LightProof grammar checker for Brazilian Portuguese is now
available. Improvements in pt-BR spell checking (Raimundo Moura, João
Mac-Cormick, Olivier Hallot, László Németh).
   Autocorrection improvements for pt-BR. (Raimundo Moura, Olivier Hallot)
   Translated key names on Windows for Asturian (Xuacu Saturio),
Catalan (Jesús Corrius), Estonian (Mihkel Tõnnov), Slovenian (Martin
Srebotnjak) and Spanish (Adolfo Jayme Barrientos). Translated key names
on Linux for Slovenian (Martin Srebotnjak).
   Updated Slovenian thesaurus (Martin Srebotnjak/


   Improved ODS load times (see this blog entry for details). (Daniel
   Improved XLSX load time (see this blog entry for details). (Daniel
   Significantly improved the performance of saving a new entry to a
large autocorrect replacement table (fdo#49350). (Tomaž Vajngerl)
   Significant load and save time improvements for slides / drawings
with large numbers of shapes (Michael Meeks)
   Significantly improved RTF file load times (fdo#44736). (Miklós
Vajna, Michael Meeks)

*Infrastructure used for code review and easy
patch submission --  close to 1500 patches reviewed and merged with it
already (David Ostrovsky, Norbert Thiebaud, Robert Einsle, Björn
Michaelsen and many more)
       ssh logerrit gerrit query status:merged|grep change|wc -l for
number of merged patches

   Many modules ported to gbuild. (Peter Foley, Matúš Kukan, Caolán
McNamara, David Ostrovsky, David Tardon, Norbert Thiebaud and others)
   All legacy container classes (Sv*Array*, Table, Container, List
etc.) replaced with STL containers (Noel Grandin, Michael Stahl, etc.)
   Translations module became a source-only module, l10n tools read
translations directly from .po files. (Tamas Zolnai)
   Tinderbox building bibisect repo
       Tinderbox integration (Norbert Thiebaud)
       Initial bibisect proof-of-concept (Björn Michaelsen)


     Add GStreamer 1.0 support, and refactor existing gstreamer code.
(Tim-Philipp Müller, Michael Meeks)


   PDF Import, the Presenter Console, and the Python Scripting Provider
are no longer bundled extensions but core features. (Stephan Bergmann)

*Feature Removal / Deprecation

   Dropped support for legacy binary StarOffice (version 1.x → 5.x) files.
       Note: the old XML file format (.sxw, .sxi etc.)
which was used as the default format by StarOffice versions 6 and 7 is
still supported.

   Dropped support for export to legacy Word and Excel (version 6.0/95)
files. These files can still be opened, but they will save in your
default format (usually .odt/.ods). We continue to export to the Office
97 and later binary file formats of course..
       This avoids user confusion, and accidentally selecting very old
formats that will lose document data.
   Dropped support for ODMA document management integration, this
windows-specific integration point is deep legacy, and yields some
horrible user interactions.
   Dropped legacy STLport library for compatibility with old extensions
that linked against it (was only included for 32-bit Linux and Windows).
   Deprecated Mac / PPC as a platform, raising our base-line to 10.6.
   Dropped support of Windows 2000.

*API Changes

**C++ UNO Language Binding and URE Libraries

   Base-line Windows / C++ compiler upgraded to Visual Studio 2010
(Fridrich Strba, Tor Lillqvist)
       runtime libraries for Visual Studio 2008 (msvcr90.dll) are no
longer bundled
   Removed header rtl/oustringostreaminserter.hxx core commit
   Removed header osl/semaphor.h, osl/semaphor.hxx and implementation
of all oslSemaphore/osl::Semaphore related functions core commit
   Removed header cppuhelper/stdidlclass.hxx core commit
   Removed headers cppu/FreeReference.hxx, cppu/Shield.hxx,
salhelper/monitor.hxx core commit 0f11f30ea96fcec8d7c648089fc223a6fbed6aef
   Some macros like SAL_MIN, SAL_MAX, SAL_FIELDOFFSET were removed core
commit a13c3a68df9327d3a1d0283006a3cf755291484a
   rtl/memory.h is deprecated and will likely be removed in a future


   The bundled Python was upgraded from Python 2.6 to Python 3.3
(Michael Stahl)

   Python extensions and macros may require some degree of re-work to
work on the latest Python; see for example Porting to Python 3.


   Support for defining oneway methods and the [oneway] syntax was
removed from the UNO IDL compiler core commit

   All exising API methods that used to be defined as oneway are now
plain methods.

**New Style Services

   A large number of existing UNO services were converted to new-style
services, which allow for more convenient and more type safe
construction; this has no impact on compatibility of existing client
code. (Noel Grandin)

**XDocumentInfo Removed

   The deprecated XDocumentInfo and related UNO interfaces were removed
(core commit e6f81b1898a59280f41177206b777a7a0d32f3fc). The replacement
XDocumentProperties is available since 3.0 (interface


   The UNO exception now
derives from instead of core commit

**Unpublishing UNO APIs

   Deprecation and un-publishing of internal accessibility API
       This API was primarily used internally for our bridge
implementations to native accessibility technology APIs, and will need
adapting in future.

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