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[libreoffice-website] Minutes from the Tue Feb 18 infra call

1. guilhem
2. syntaxerrormmm (Emiliano Vavassori)
3. Ilmari
4. wget
5. cloph
6. Brett (late join)


* weblate
+ updated to 3.10.3 went smooth (and was much faster than expected \o/ — ~3h)
+ https://github.com/WeblateOrg/weblate/issues/3455 request to upstream to
add TDF-SSO support
- guilhem: slight preference for SAML2.0 but OAuth2 would work too
- protocols are open and documented, only endpoints and parameters might
changes, so should work out of the box if configurable
- need to link the service to our SSO endpoint before offer 3rd party auth
(for PR mainly)
- could also chain the providers and offer 3rd party auth on our SSO
portal, not on the leaf services
- should also aim for 2FA on the portal anyway, so some refactoring needed
in the auth mechanism
* crashtest-VM issues (vm138, the one running jenkins job, not the one
collecting crashreports) - ETA for move to miranda(?)
+ g. Adfinis has offered to sponsor a metal box, answered and now waiting for
possible delivery, will poke again in ~ a week if there is no feedback yet
- 2x 12-cores (24 threads) intel CPUs @2.20GHz, 48GB RAM, 4x 10k SAS 900GB
* gerrit: upgraded to 3.0.7, PostgreSQL no longer used, everything is in git
+ github PR plugin: https://gerrit.googlesource.com/plugins/github/+/master/README.md
- AI guilhem: install on the stage instance
- AI cloph: test it using a dummy project on the GitHub side, testing with
core would create too much confusion
. wget: available to help also :-)
+ looking forward to v2 of the wire protocol available in 3.1 (ETA for
upgrade: ~mid 2020):
- initial ref advertisement is almost 20MiB (and counting):
$ curl -so/dev/null -w"%{size_download}\\n" https://git.libreoffice.org/core/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack
- serious bottleneck when the local clone is almost up to date,
migration from ReviewDB to NoteDB (git) added extra refs made it worse
- previous attempts at trimming down the advertisement didn't go too well,
- the wire protocol is really promising for gerrit-like workflows: https://git-scm.com/docs/protocol-v2/en
. with 1 local branch, git clone + git pull: 280k refs (20MiB downloaded) vs. 1.4k refs (180kiB downloaded)
* Prometheus exporters: need better exporters for
+ guest disk usage/capacity (pending libvirt upgrade)
+ guest OS / kernel version (pending libvirt upgrade)
+ RDBMS transactions, op/sec, etc
* Ilmari: Emiliano, how are you envisioning your future role with the infra team?
+ EV: just lurking for now, nothing specific at the moment (g: plus many kind words)
+ can be an interface with the rest of the BoD should there be any requests there
+ AI Ilmari: send out rdm ticket list to have an overview of the wishlist
* Team has decided to use [matrix] for internal communication during FOSDEM
+ EV: most of the new board members feel the need for a IM tool too, will
propose to use this instance
* AI guilhem: Move infra testbed ( https://infratools.documentfoundation.org )
to Gerrit and make the salt repo world-readable
+ brett: I don't think CI is a huge loss, it's not working so great anyway,
don't think salt has the ability to validate itself
+ AI guilhem: double check if there are committed secrets/keys still use in
prods, if not proceed with the move
+ wget: update checker still not up to date: 6.3.4 reported as fresh, 6.2.8
as still :(
- cloph: having 6.3.4 as fresh is expected, will make the switch for the
6.2 branch
- Chocolatey is now above >1 million downloads! _o/ \o/ \o_
- wget: interval between announcement and availability via update-checker
is too long
. wget: to avoid such a situation: https://nextcloud.documentfoundation.org/s/ALkfroKaxRrCrq5
. cloph: meant to be a couple of days later (like from Thursday to next
Monday) not 15 days
. AI guilhem: see whether we could have some automatic warnings to
hostmaster to avoid forgetting until people start complain
- AI cloph: migrate 6.2 users to 6.3
* wget: followup with FOSDEM (to Ilmari), any news about the blog sources publication + assets on gerrit?
+ Ilmari: have to delegate to cloph I'm afraid :-)
+ back to guilhem's pile in the end
* Tinderboxes:
+ tb69 (Brett):
- last Mojave in there, need to know what needs to be installed there
. cloph: git clone https://git.libreoffice.org/lode
. install XCode (need account on the appstore), and perhaps also Java
. run `lode setup --jenkins`
- No urgency, can wait another week or two
- wget: will bring the issue with Catalina to the steering committee,
having another tb might be useful
. cloph: no because dailies aren't signed/notarized, but can fire a
dedicated test build if needed
. cloph: will bump the 6.4.x baseline to mojave (requirement for XCode 11),
sberg's fix will work then
. will discussed at the Feb 27 ESC
+ gandalf:
- glibc upgraded to 2.30, jobs run fine but these incremental dailies are
not usable on machines with older libcs, so mostly useless for QA proposes
- the repo was set to OpenSUSE's rolling release (Tumbleweed) — with tbh's
- cloph: don't mind having Tumbleweed on that tb, but maybe we could find
some other task for it
- downgrading isn't an option without reinstalling, we can 1/ move the job
off gandalf, or 2/ leave it there and just tell people with older libcs to
use other incremental dailies until they catch up with the baseline
- https://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/daily/master/current.html lists it first though
. AI guilhem: hide /-updater$/ from the listing
+ wget: which version of macOS tb81 uses? cloph: mojave
* Next call: Tue Mar 17 17:30:00 UTC 2020(?)
+ guilhem: tentative date, possibly need to delay/cancel


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