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Re: [libreoffice-users] AppArmor profile of LibreOffice

I don't know all that much about configuring AppArmor, but for what it's worth for me on Linux Mint Sylvia 18.3 (still supported, although older than your Tara 19.0) using the LibreOffice PPA for its newer versions of LibreOffice (currently 6.2.8)...

Gys wrote:
in my Linux Mint Tara aa-status lists 3 profiles related to LibreOffice :

libreoffice-xpdfimport (enforce)
libreoffice-senddoc (enforce)
libreoffice-oopslash (complain)

I have:
libreoffice-senddoc (enforce)
libreoffice-soffice//gpg (enforce)
libreoffice-xpdfimport (enforce)
libreoffice-oopslash (complain)
libreoffice-soffice (complain)

In the kernel log libreoffice-oopslash is complaining about a lot of things.

Looking at my logs from the last week, I see a few "audit" messages relating to libreoffice-soffice and libreoffice-oopslash. Looks like a cluster of about 10 entries for libreoffice-soffice each time I start LibreOffice, with a few others for soffice and oopslash in between - but I don't tend to be using it continuously for hours on end.

Both the program and the profile in Nemo is oosplash


Search oopslash in / in Nemo gives no results

1) Is the "p" and "s" reversal a typo ?

As mentioned at the start, I'm no expert on AppArmor, but it does look suspiciously like a typo. I guess it might only affect the displayed name of the profile though, since the executable it applies to appears to be correctly spelled "oosplash":
profile libreoffice-oopslash /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/oosplash flags=(complain) {...}

2) Why is there no profile for /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin ?

For me the </etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.libreoffice.program.*> files, including one for soffice.bin, are provided by the libreoffice-common package, which I've installed from the PPA. From a quick look at the .deb packages from libreoffice.org it doesn't look like any of them contain AppArmor profiles, so I'd guess they're added by the Ubuntu/PPA package maintainer. Perhaps the PPA maintainer adds a profile for soffice.bin while the Ubuntu one doesn't.

3) Is there anyone here with a working AppArmor profile for LibreOffice and would you be so kind to share ?

I've attached the libreoffice-soffice profile installed on my system (with a .txt extension added - hopefully enough to get it through the mailing list). No guarantee it will work with your version though. It does say in comments near the top:
# This profile should enable the average LibreOffice user to get their # work done while blocking some advanced usage
# ...
so I guess some complaints in "complain" mode may be expected.

4) I looked on-line but could not find an updated AppArmor profile for LibreOffice or even the profile shipped with Version:
Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10 (?)

I've no idea who actually maintains them. From a quick look, it doesn't look like any of the .deb files downloaded from libreoffice.org contains AppArmor profiles, so I'm guessing they're added by the Ubuntu/PPA package maintainer.

# ------------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright (C) 2016 Canonical Ltd.
# Copyright (C) 2018 Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
# Authors: Jonathan Davies <jonathan.davies@canonical.com>
# Bryan Quigley <bryan.quigley@canonical.com>
# Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org>
# ------------------------------------------------------------------

# This profile should enable the average LibreOffice user to get their
# work done while blocking some advanced usage
# Namely not tested and likely not working : embedded plugins,
# Using the LibreOffice SDK and other development tasks
# Everything else should be working

#Defines all common supported file formats
#Some obscure ones we're excluded (mostly input)

@{libreoffice_ext} = [tT][xX][tT]
#All the open document format
@{libreoffice_ext} += {,f,F}[oO][dDtT][tTsSpPbBgGfF]
#.xml and xsl
@{libreoffice_ext} += [xX][mMsS][lL]
@{libreoffice_ext} += [pP][dD][fF]
#Unified office format
@{libreoffice_ext} += [uU][oO][fFtTsSpP]
@{libreoffice_ext} += {,x,X}[hH][tT][mM]{,l,L}
@{libreoffice_ext} += [eE][pP][uU][bB]
#.ps (printing to file)
@{libreoffice_ext} += [pP][sS]

@{libreoffice_ext} += [jJ][pP][gG]
@{libreoffice_ext} += [jJ][pP][eE][gG]
@{libreoffice_ext} += [pP][nN][gG]
@{libreoffice_ext} += [sS][vV][gG]
@{libreoffice_ext} += [sS][vV][gG][zZ]99251
@{libreoffice_ext} += [tT][iI][fF]
@{libreoffice_ext} += [tT][iI][fF][fF]

@{libreoffice_ext} += [dD][oO][cCtT]{,x,X}
@{libreoffice_ext} += [rR][tT][fF]

@{libreoffice_ext} += [xX][lL][sStT]{,x,X,m,M}
@{libreoffice_ext} += [xX][lL][wW]
#.dif dbf
@{libreoffice_ext} += [dD][iIbB][fF]
#.tsv .csv
@{libreoffice_ext} += [cCtT][sS][vV]
@{libreoffice_ext} += [sS][lL][kK]

@{libreoffice_ext} += [pP][pP][tTsS]{,x,X}
@{libreoffice_ext} += [pP][oO][tT]{,m,M}
@{libreoffice_ext} += [sS][wW][fF]
@{libreoffice_ext} += [pP][sS][dD]

@{libreoffice_ext} += [mM][mM][lL]

@{libo_user_dirs} = @{HOME} /mnt /media

#include <tunables/global>

profile libreoffice-soffice /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin flags=(complain) {
#include <abstractions/private-files>

#include <abstractions/audio>
#include <abstractions/bash>
#include <abstractions/cups-client>
#include <abstractions/dbus>
#include <abstractions/dbus-session>
#include <abstractions/dbus-accessibility>
#include <abstractions/ibus>
#include <abstractions/nameservice>
#include <abstractions/gnome>
# GnuPG1 only...
# #include <abstractions/gnupg>
#include <abstractions/python>
#include <abstractions/p11-kit>

#List directories for file browser
/ r,
/**/ r,

owner @{libo_user_dirs}/**/ rw, #allow creating directories that we own
owner @{libo_user_dirs}/**~lock.* rw, #lock file support
owner @{libo_user_dirs}/**.@{libreoffice_ext} rwk, #Open files rw with the right exts
owner @{libo_user_dirs}/{,**/}lu??????????{,?}.tmp rwk, #Temporary file used when saving
owner @{libo_user_dirs}/{,**/}.directory r, #Read directory settings on KDE

# Settings
/etc/libreoffice/ r,
/etc/libreoffice/** r,

/etc/cups/ppd/*.ppd r,
/etc/xml/catalog r, #exporting to .xhtml, for libxml2
/proc/*/status r,

owner @{HOME}/.config/libreoffice{,dev}/** rwk,
owner @{HOME}/.config/soffice.binrc rwl -> @{HOME}/.config/#[0-9]*,
owner @{HOME}/.config/soffice.binrc.* rwl -> @{HOME}/.config/#[0-9]*,
owner @{HOME}/.config/soffice.binrc.lock rwk,
owner @{HOME}/.cache/fontconfig/** rw,
owner @{HOME}/.config/gtk-???/bookmarks r, #Make bookmarks work
owner @{HOME}/.recently-used rwk,
owner /tmp/psp[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]* rw, #/tmp/psp1534203998 (printing to file)

owner /{,var/}run/user/*/dconf/user rw,
owner @{HOME}/.config/dconf/user r,

# allow schema to be read
/usr/share/glib-*/schemas/ r,
/usr/share/glib-*/schemas/** r,

# bluetooth send to
network bluetooth,

/{usr/,}bin/sh rmix,
/{usr/,}bin/bash rmix,
/{usr/,}bin/dash rmix,
/{usr/,}bin/rm rmix, #deleting /tmp/psp1534203998 (printing to file)
/usr/bin/bluetooth-sendto rmPUx,
/usr/bin/lpr rmPUx,
/usr/bin/paperconf rmix,
/usr/bin/gpgconf rmix,
/usr/bin/gpg rmCx -> gpg,
/usr/bin/gpgsm rmCx -> gpg,
/usr/bin/gpa rix,
/usr/bin/seahorse rix,
/usr/bin/kgpg rix,
/usr/bin/kleopatra rix,

/dev/tty rw,

/usr/lib{,32,64}/@{multiarch}/gstreamer???/gstreamer-???/gst-plugin-scanner rmPUx,
owner @{HOME}/.cache/gstreamer-???/** rw,
unix peer=(addr=@/tmp/.ICE-unix/* label=unconfined), #Gstreamer doesn't work without this

/usr/lib{,32,64}/jvm/ r,
/usr/lib{,32,64}/jvm/** r,
/usr/lib{,32,64}/jvm/**/jre/bin/java mix,
/usr/lib{,32,64}/jvm/**/bin/java mix,
# should be included in the jvm/** above but there it is
# a symlink, so apparmor still doesn't allow it...
/etc/java-??-openjdk/security/java.security r,
/usr/lib/libreoffice/** rw,
/usr/lib/libreoffice/**.so m,
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin mix,
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/xpdfimport px,
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/senddoc px,
/usr/bin/xdg-open rPUx,

/usr/share/java/**.jar r,
/usr/share/hunspell/ r,
/usr/share/hunspell/** r,
/usr/share/hyphen/ r,
/usr/share/hyphen/** r,
/usr/share/mythes/ r,
/usr/share/mythes/** r,
/usr/share/liblangtag/ r,
/usr/share/liblangtag/** r,
/usr/share/libreoffice/ r,
/usr/share/libreoffice/** r,
/usr/share/yelp-xsl/xslt/mallard/** r,
/usr/share/libexttextcat/* r,
/usr/share/icu/** r,
/usr/share/locale-bundle/* r,

/var/spool/libreoffice/ r,
/var/spool/libreoffice/** rw,
/var/cache/fontconfig/ rw,

#Likely moving to abstractions in the future
owner @{HOME}/.icons/*/cursors/* r,
/etc/fstab r, # Solid::DeviceNotifier::instance() TODO: deny?
/sys/devices/pci[0-9]*/**/{device,subsystem_device,subsystem_vendor,uevent,vendor} r, # for libdrm
/usr/share/*-fonts/conf.avail/*.conf r,
/usr/share/fonts-config/conf.avail/*.conf r,
/{,var/}run/udev/data/+usb:* r, # Solid::Device::listFromQuery()
/{,var/}run/udev/data/{c,b}*:* r, # Solid::Device::description(), Solid::Device::listFromQuery()
@{PROC}/sys/kernel/random/boot_id r, # KRecentDocument::add() -> QSysInfo::bootUniqueId()

#To avoid "Unable to create io-slave." for file dialog
owner /{,var/}run/user/[0-9]*/#[0-9]* rw,
#For KIO IO::Slave::createSlave()
owner /{,var/}run/user/[0-9]*/soffice.bin*.slave-socket wl -> /{,var/}run/user/[0-9]*/#[0-9]*,

owner @{HOME}/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini r,
owner @{HOME}/.mozilla/firefox/*/secmod.db r,
# firefox < 58
owner @{HOME}/.mozilla/firefox/*/cert8.db r,
# firefox >= 58
owner @{HOME}/.mozilla/firefox/*/cert9.db r,

owner @{HOME}/.local/share/user-places.xbel r,

# there is abstractions/gnupg but that's just for gpg1...
profile gpg {
#include <abstractions/base>

/usr/bin/gpgconf rm,
/usr/bin/gpg rm,
/usr/bin/gpgsm rm,

owner @{HOME}/.gnupg/* r,
owner @{HOME}/.gnupg/random_seed rk,

# probably should become a subprofile like gpg above, but then it doesn't
# work either as it tries to access stuff only allowed above...
owner @{HOME}/.config/kdeglobals r,
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/lo_kde5filepicker rPUx,
/usr/share/qt5/translations/* r,
/usr/lib/*/qt5/plugins/** rm,
/usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/**/contents/defaults r,

# TODO: remove when rules are available in abstractions/kde
owner @{HOME}/.cache/ksycoca5_??_* r, # KDE System Configuration Cache
owner @{HOME}/.config/baloofilerc r, # indexing options (excludes, etc), used by KFileWidget
owner @{HOME}/.config/dolphinrc r, # settings used by KFileWidget
owner @{HOME}/.config/kde.org/libphonon.conf r, # for KNotifications::sendEvent()
owner @{HOME}/.config/klanguageoverridesrc r, # per-application languages, for KDEPrivate::initializeLanguages() from libKF5XmlGui.so
owner @{HOME}/.config/trashrc r, # user by KFileWidget
/usr/share/knotifications5/*.notifyrc r, # KNotification::sendEvent

# TODO: remove when rules are available in abstractions/kde-write-icon-cache or similar
owner @{HOME}/.cache/icon-cache.kcache rw, # for KIconLoader

# TODO: remove when rules are available in abstractions/kdeframeworks5 or similar
/usr/share/kservices5/*.protocol r,

# TODO: use qt5-settings-write abstraction when it is available
owner @{HOME}/.config/#[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9] rw,
owner @{HOME}/.config/QtProject.conf rw,
owner @{HOME}/.config/QtProject.conf.?????? l -> @{HOME}/.config/#[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9],
owner @{HOME}/.config/QtProject.conf.?????? rw, # for temporary files like QtProject.conf.Aqrgeb
owner @{HOME}/.config/QtProject.conf.lock rwk,

# TODO: use qt5-compose-cache-write abstraction when it is available
owner @{HOME}/.cache/qt_compose_cache_{little,big}_endian_* r,

# TODO: use recent-documents-write abstraction when it is available
owner @{HOME}/.local/share/RecentDocuments/** r,
owner @{HOME}/.local/share/RecentDocuments/*.desktop rwl -> @{HOME}/.local/share/RecentDocuments/#[0-9]*,
owner @{HOME}/.local/share/RecentDocuments/#[0-9]* rw,
owner @{HOME}/.local/share/RecentDocuments/*.lock rwk,

# TODO: use kde-globals-write abstraction when it is available
owner @{HOME}/.config/kdeglobals rw,
owner @{HOME}/.config/kdeglobals.* rwl -> @{HOME}/.config/#[0-9]*,
owner @{HOME}/.config/kdeglobals.lock rwk,

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