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Re: [libreoffice-users] can' t run libreoffice in amd64 debian/lenny: RESOLVED

On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 12:10 AM, baldwin linguas
<baldwinlinguas@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 8:08 PM, webmaster@krackedpress.com
> <webmaster@krackedpress.com> wrote:
>> On 01/08/11 18:06, baldwin linguas wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I downloaded the debs for amd64 libreoffice, and did
>>> dpkg -i *.debs in the DEBS dir.
>>> Trying to run soffice from /opt (where it installed) gives:
>>> /opt/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin: symbol lookup error:
>>> /opt/libreoffice/basis3.3/program/libcairo.so.2: undefined symbol:
>>> pixman_region32_init
>>> Same thing if I try to run individual components (i.e., swriter).
>>> This is, as mentioned, on Debian/Lenny, amd64.
>>> libcairo.so.2, incidentally, is in /usr/lib, not in /opt...
>>> Obviously, it's looking in the wrong place for this library.
>>> Oddly, I had similar trouble trying to run kompozer and acroread
>>> (looking in the wrong place for libs),
>>> although I'm sure that's completely unrelated to libreoffice.
>>> All the same, I have all these same programs running fine on a 32bit
>>> debian lenny machine in another room,
>>> so, I can't help but think it has something to do with amd64.
>>> please assist.
>>> thanks,
>>> tony
>> I know that there are a lot of 32-bit libraries that will be
>> included when you run a 32-bit program on a 64-bit Linux OS
>> I run Ubuntu 64-bit [Debian 64-bit], and also use Kompozer.
>> There is a Terminal command to try to help with dependent libraries.
>> Try:    sudo aptitude full-upgrade
>> Also if you can find the terminal install for kompozer or some other
>> 32-bit app that does not work, you could try a version of
>> sudo aptitude install {the name of the item to be installed}
>> This command [according to my book] to download, unpack, install
>> the package[s] and those packages it depends on.  It has to be
>> something that can be installed from the repository, for your first try.
>> I do not know if it works with non-repository items like LO, since
>> "Aptitude" seems like another way to install packages instead of
>> through the Synaptic Package Manager.
>> I have run the "full-upgrade" and also gone through the Synaptic
>> package manager to look for any and all 32-bit libraries [lib32.....].
>> "lib32" search gave me 39 packages and I saw some "32-bit runtime"
>> in the list.  Also there are "support" libraries.  So see how many of these
>> are installed. There is some list, somewhere, of the 32-bit libraries
>> needed and a command to install them.  I just do not remember
>> what or where.
>> Try the full-upgrade [not update] and see if it works.  If not, try
>> to look for the 32-bit libraries in Synaptic and install them, as long
>> as they do not uninstall anything by doing so.  Or try to see if
>> you can use the "install" option for some 32-bit app.
> Well, I'm using Debian, not Ubuntu.
> There is no sudo (at least, not without some fiddlng, I have it
> enabled on my other machine, but haven't done the fiddling on this one, yet).
> Kompozer is not in the Debian repos, so I could not install it with aptitude.
> (like, no aptitude install libreoffice, because that's not in the repos).
> I had downloaded it from the kompozer site. They had a .deb package.
> Of course, it was not 64bit specific.
> Now, the libreoffice files I installed, however, ARE the 64bit .debs
> All the libraries these programs are seeking are already installed on
> the machine,
> additionally.  I use aptitude all the time, but it's not going to
> solve this problem.
> I have the libcairo.so.2 (just like the libraries acroread and
> kompozer were seeking),
> it's just that it's in /usr/lib, not in /opt/libreoffice/program
> As far as installing the 32bit versions, well, synaptic, like aptitude, is only
> offering me what was built for my architecture.
> I'd either have to mess with my apt/sources.list, or download and install
> by hand to get the 32bit libs, and I shudder to think what the possible
> consequences elsewhere might be, such as on programs that otherwise
> need those libs, and are expecting to find the arch-appropriate versions.
> That just seems like a really bad idea.  I don't know. I could be wrong,
> but it frightens me.
> Now, it DOES suddenly occur to me, I could either cp the library there, or
> make a symbolic link...hmmmm...I wonder if that would solve the problem.
> I question why libreoffice is looking for a lib in it's own program
> directory, if it
> doesn't include that lib, all the same.
> I haven't the slightest idea how to get kompozer, and, especially, acroread,
> to look in the right place, but, at least here, with LO, I know WHERE
> libreoffice is expecting
> to find said lib...so, I'll try that (cp or ln it in that dir) and get
> back to the list with any results.
> It wouldn't surprise me to learn that, once that particular lib has
> been found, it may still
> be looking for others in the wrong place.
> I've never owned a 64 bit machine before, and I'm beginning to see
> why. It seems they're not well supported,
> even by software that is supposedly written for them.
> ./tony
> --
> http://www.baldwinlinguas.com
> http://www.baldwinsoftware.com

It was looking for the lib in /opt/libreoffice/basis3.3/program
so, I did, indeed, cp it into there.
Now it seems to be working.

Now, if I could figure out where kompozer and acroread are looking for libs,
I could fix those. I'm sure someone at the kompozer project can help me,
but, acroread, being proprietary/closed source, is probably a hopeless case.

For those googling and digging through the archives later:

I got libreoffice3.3 to run on amd64 debian/lenny by copying the libcairo.so.2
into /opt/libreoffice/basis3.3/program
cp /usr/lib/libcairo.so.2 /opt/libreoffice/basis3.3/program
(I do this, because I often find googling and digging through mail
list archives a mindnumbing
and often not very fruitful chore. I think/hope this helps).

weird...I know.



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