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Ooops, I once again accidentally sent my reply directly to the OP and not
to the list, sorry. At least this one is to the list.

Den tis 9 aug. 2022 kl 20:04 skrev Dave Liesse <>:

Using v7.3.4.2, so pretty well up to date.  Language is English (USA) and
commas/decimals are set correctly.

Ok, great so far. :)

Tab stops are .5 inches apart, so the numbers definitely overflow (seven
digits plus commas, 11 point type).  However, in my expectations (a) right
tabs should work the same as left tabs, regardless of length, and (b) in a
word processing document I don't expect numbers to be treated any
differently from plain text

I just tried that now in Writer with numbers and text. They both behave
exactly the same as far as I can tell (still LibreOffice It seems
to adjust to the right and if the text or number is too long, it adjust to
the previous tab stop. I guess you could say that's an odd behaviour and
you could probably file a bug report and see if the developers agree, but
if there text at the previous tab stop, what would you want to happen?
Would you want the two numbers to overlap, displaying digits over each
other, or what?

-- except in the case of a decimal tab.  I'm using only whole numbers,

I need the columns to overlap because of the nature of the report.

  I don't have space to have three 1.25-inch columns at the right edge of
the page and the corresponding left tabs on the left side (this is a
financial report with subaccounts).

Similar problem in the spreadsheet, though it's more expected there.  I
need the columns to be .5" wide, not wide enough to hold the whole number.
Text would overflow into the cell on the right (if it's empty), and I hoped
-- but didn't really expect -- numbers to do the same to the left.

The problem is that I need numbers to line up properly in right-justified
columns, without resorting to a fixed-space font (so the leading spaces are
the same width) and using left tabs.

And you can't just increase the distance between each tab stop or decrease
the font size? Or maybe remove every second tab stop?

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg


On Tue, Aug 9, 2022, at 5:19 AM, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:

Den tis 9 aug. 2022 kl 02:20 skrev Dave Liesse <

Hi, all.  It's been a long time since I've run into a problem of any
significance, so posting here before I look up how to report a bug (partly
to see if this really is one).

In a Writer document, I have three Right tab stops set, to show staggered
columns of numbers.  When I type a large number, though, with commas
separating the thousands, the tab stop starts acting as a Decimal stop
instead of Right.  For example, if I type 1,234,567 it acts as though the
tab stop is a Decimal stop and the comma between the 4 and the 5 is a
decimal point.  Might this be a bug?

Tried with LibreOffice and it only happen (kind of) when there are
to many digits so it won't fit between two tab stops, so that's expected as
far as I am concerned. It doesn't behave like a decimal tab, but rather it
continues to the right because there's no other direction to continue.

If you can give me an exact example when this happens (exactly how long
the numbers are and at what exact positions you have your tab stops, and
also what font and size of font you are using, as well as your language
settings for the characters (right click text → Characters → Characters… →
Font → Language). As far as I can see, in my own test, it behaves as I
expect it to. I do something wrong and LibreOffice tries to do the best out
of it.

As a secondary note: I don't think this one is a bug, but it's certainly
unexpected behavior.  Because I was in a hurry to get a report out to a
client I tried the same numbers in a spreadsheet, again expecting the
columns would be overlapping.  Numeric values, though, won't overflow the
cell the way text does, even when the cell is specifically
right-justified.  Again, I was in a hurry so I just entered all the numbers
as text,


but then had to do my own calculations to show totals (no biggie, since I
would have had to do that anyway in the Writer document, but annoying in a

The question is really about the first item -- the second one is just a
minor gripe.  Do y'all think this is a bug, or is there some rational
reason the program should behave this way?

I just tried this, again in LibreOffice, and I can not see
anything unexpected about it:

   1. I start with a blank sheet. No cell formats are changed at this
   2. I entered some text in C4. The text continues over D4 and a little
   bit over E4.
   3. I entered a very long number (12345678901234567890, so 20
   characters long) in C5. It's displayed as 1,23457E+19, which is expected
   (we use decimal comma in my country and language).
   4. I entered the same long number in C6, but this time as text
   ('12345678901234567890) and the whole number is displayed and continues
   over D6, but you can't use it for calculations.
   5. I entered the same long number, but this time with the cell
   pre-formatted as text. The same thing happened as in 4.

All these behaviours are expected and I really can't see why anything else
should happen.
The funny thing is that even the numbers I entered as text could be used
in calculations. That surprised me a bit, because I don't think that was
possible in LibreOffice Calc a couple of years ago, which makes me wonder
what version you are running. If older than, update and test if the
problem persists.

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg


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