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Hi :)
Brilliant!  Nice one Dave! :)

Tons of features and stuff was added to Calc for the 4.2.0.  Plus we
got a massive code donation from AOO to deal with Accessibility
issues.  Both of those are things a lot of us have been anxiously
waiting for but both arriving at once was a surprise.  Any time any
software has new features there is a good chance that unexpected
problems will arise.

I've just heard from another mailing list that the 4.2.1rc1 has fixed
a ton of such issues and 4.2.1"final release" is racing to be released
= to the point where it might not have all the languages fully
translated even where the translations have been done.  RC = "Release
Candidate" and we normally have 2 of those with the rc2 being
identical, or almost identical to the final release.  The 4.2.2 is due
to follow quite swiftly and that will have the languages and will
smooth out wrinkles in the 4.2.1.

So, we do need people to use the 4.2.1 as much as possible.  There is
tons of amazing stuff in the 4.2.x branch that was not in previous
branches and we need people to post bug-reports about any slightest
problem they find so that it can settle down quickly.

For my colleagues machines i am not going to install 4.2.x until it
reaches 4.2.4.  But for my own machines i intend to install it asap.
However i tend to only use the fairly basic features so i probably
wont find any problems.

Similarly it's unlikely you will have any troubles with the 4.2.1
unless you are as unlucky as the o.p. (Tom Cloyd), if you do then go
back to the 4.1.4 and keep following that branch just occasionally
trying out this newest feature-rich branch to see if your issue has
been resolved yet.

Regards from
Tom :)

On 19 February 2014 10:31, Dave Barton <> wrote:
It may be related to this issue:
which claims to have been fixed in 4.2.1 but is still present in
Build ID: d7dbbd7842e6a58b0f521599204e827654e1fb8b


-------- Original Message  --------
From: Tom Cloyd <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 18:26:02 -0700

UPDATE re: the below problem:

This is very odd. Here's an example of what I'm seeing: I have a
hyperlink from a cell in sheet C to a cell in sheet A. I
click/double-click the link. Nothing happens. I inspect the link, and
where the link target URL should be I see "!!br0ken!!"

But the tool-tip over the link advises me to try "Ctrl-click...." and
that actually works.

Is this the default? Could be, for all I know. And why does the link
indicate it's broken, yet it still works?

I can make NO sense of this, I'll admit.




Well, I'm back on ver. 4.2. I have a lot of files in Calc with links -
to various sheets, and to other files. THEY ARE ALL BROKEN NOW.

This is a disaster, and reverting LO isn't, I think going to fix it.


Re: faster load/save of files - xml is a text format, and will
necessarily be slower than a binary equivalent - that's my
understanding, anyway. I noticed quite some time ago, when converting
from Excel to Calc that the save took about 3 times as along.


On 02/18/2014 10:12 AM, Tom Davies wrote:
Hi :)
Thanks! :)

Xml is the way all the office formats are going.  It does have 3 main
advantages afaik;
1.  When things go wrong it's easier to poke around inside and maybe
even fix corrupted files
2.  It's easy to compress further into Zip or other compression formats
3.  errr, oh i thought it was faster and easier to load/save but i've
never seen anyone produce stats about it.  Now you mention it i've no
idea whether it feels faster or slower to open files.

As for your User Profile, it might be a really good idea to
occasionally create a back-up copy in the same way and then keep the
one with the settings you like best to put on any machine just before
installing LibreOffice or OpenOffice so that you get all your fav.
settings but with all the relevant updated bits added by the

Regards from
Tom :)

On 18 February 2014 16:41, Tom Cloyd <> wrote:

I have to say that nothing makes me smile quite like a quick, detailed
response to a problem reported to a user discussion list!

For years, the absolute best list in this regard I've experienced has
that for the Lilypond music engraving software, but LO's list is
surely a
close second.

As for gnumeric - that's totally new to me. I like calc, but do NOT
like the
fact that it save files in xml and thus they are large and slow to
save and
retrieve. There's just  no need for that. Xml should be an option, with
binary the default, in my opinion. Will definitely give gnumeric a try.

Thanks for the profile-renaming tip. I followed your advice, and thus
my dictionaries - probably the single most valuable thing in my user

Thanks again for all the help!


On 02/18/2014 09:32 AM, Tom Davies wrote:
Hi :)
No worries!  It's what we are here for! :)

The thing in my answer was to try Gnumeric
instead of Calc/Excel for that 1 spreadsheet (or for all of them to
make it easier).

Renaming (or deleting) the User Profile seems to fix something like
90% of weird problems that suddenly start but didn't occur before.
It's a "magic cure all" worth knowing.  I prefer renaming so i can go
back (some day (if i ever get around to it)) to get details of why it
happened.  I keep meaning to back-up my User Profile when i get it
just right but keep forgetting.

Regards from
Tom :)

On 18 February 2014 15:56, Tom Cloyd <> wrote:
Hey, thanks, guys. That's a ton of help. I've a bit more time
today, and
will pursue the problem.

There's also some great stuff in your email, Tom, for my carefully
notes on LO, and especially on Calc., which I use a great deal
every day.
You took real time to give me that much info. I seriously
appreciate this

Thank you both for the quick and thoughtful response.


On 02/18/2014 01:51 AM, Tom Davies wrote:
Hi :)
If something worked and suddenly stopped working as if by magic then
the first thing to try is to rename your User Profile

Renaming is better than deleting because you might have tons of stuff
in your profile (templates, galleries, Extensions, file-backups etc)
that you don't want to lose.  If renaming or deleting the User
DOES work then you might be able to copy chunks of your old one back
and that can be a good way of trouble-shooting down to pin-point the
problem.  If you have deleted the User Profile then that is, of
course, impossible.  If you just renamed the User Profile then you
leave the trouble-shooting to a day when you do find time (or never
but at least it's possible).  If renaming DOES NOT help then you
rename the old one back without suffering any losses.

On the other hand it is quite possible that you don't have anything
exciting in your User Profile or that it might be a good time to
afresh with reconfiguring LO's settings and with installing fresh
Extensions that you need now rather than trying to keep using ancient
ones or ancient versions of ones you don't really use any more.

If the problems happened straight after upgrading to a newer version
then reverting to an older version makes a LOT of sense.  Preferably
an x.x.4 or higher.  It's that 3rd digit that shows greater
    The 4.1.4 should be about as solid as they get but some people
are on
4.0.6 to get the extra stability of that although they miss out a lot
on features and compatibility with MS formats.  Although i have some
machines still on 3.5.(something) without really missing anything but
then my needs are modest for those machines.  Anyway, 4.1.4 is a good
release and it's worth carrying on following the 4.1.x branch as it
gets developed further and stability increases further.

However 30+ worksheets in a single file and 1Mb means it's quite a
huge file!  If you can't break it up easily (or even if you can but
don't want to) then it is well worth considering using a specialist
spreadsheeting program instead of Calc/Excel.  Both the later are
designed to integrate well with other modules/programs within an
office suite but means you are carrying extra baggage and your
computer is using resources to make it easy to switch into
Presentations, Drawing programs, and all sorts of stuff that you
probably don't need while using the spreadsheet.  A specialist tool
focussing resources on, and designed purely for handling,
might be better.

Gnumeric uses the same formats as Calc natively and can also handle
the relevant MS formats and is often found to out-perform Excel and
even Calc especially on low spec. machines.
From their News section the quick link to directly download their
latest Windows version is

NOTE this directly downloads an Exe file!!!  I NEVER usually give
links like that because you don't know me and have no reason to trust
me so you really should try the first link and have a look around for
yourself before attempting any downloading!  The only reason i
give it
this time is because i found it difficult to find on their site so i
just wanted to make it easier for you.

Regards from
Tom :)

On 17 February 2014 23:24, Tim Lloyd <> wrote:

my thoughts FWIW. I would suggest restoring the latest version,
your user profile and trying again. This has been known to work
in the

What operating system are you using?

is this an old file which has seen a number of different LO


On 18/02/14 03:33, Tom Cloyd wrote:
I'm reverting to ver., after spending almost 40 min. this
trying to isolate a problem. I could reliable crash the problem by
trying to
copy two cells in Calc to another location in the same sheet. I got
error message:


/I'm working and have no time to go beyond posting the problem
That's just the reality of my life this Monday morning. I'd
attempt a
report, but every time I've tried that I've gotten lost in the
strangeness of the process. No time for that either.

I can offer to share the spreadsheet in which the crash occurs, for
that's worth. It has maybe 30 sheets and is about a meg. in size. I
that removing about 15 of the sheets appeared to stop the
problem, for
unknown reasons.


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