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Re: [libreoffice-marketing] LibreOffice promo trailer?

Dear Jonathon and Drew,

On 4/18/19 2:46 AM, jonathon wrote:> On 4/17/19 9:11 PM, Roland Hummel
>> "Yes, LO is nice but it won't beat MS Office because in MSO we will
have artificial intelligence".
> If the battlefield is functionality, and AI is important,in 2018 ...

maybe I didn't get your point but what I wanted to underline is that if
LO tries to fight on the "battelfield of funtionality" it will *always*
loose because of less money power, lobby power and marketing power. So
my point is: Choose a battlefield where your opponents can not beat you:
The battlefield of sociality, freedom and openness!

> Which underscores that the big issue in the functionality war, is not
> what is available, but rather, the knowledge that the features are
> available, and how to use them.

I totally agree but in my opinion it would be the worst approach to
advertise a good documentation in the perspective of "funtionality".

In terms of freedom the best documentations are the ones created by the
users who use a "product" (that's why Wikipedia is so successfull: The
knowledge of the people of the world created by the people of the
world). But the idea of community created knowledge should be always
derived from sociality and openness - yes it *can* be a functional
advantage/aspect as well (because knowledge can be maintained without
gatekeepers, an aspect Wikipedia seems to forget from time to time) but
this perspective of functionaly has to be subordinated to avoid the
argument of a company offering a proprietary product saying "our
documentation is very well maintained and we will always keep it up to
date by our professional knowledge base team" (which indeed could be the
case so that this company would win the debate because it can serve a
much better documentation in a functional perspective).

> End users can more easily customize LibO, than MSO, etc.

Sure they can, because LO respects their freedom and because of this
freedom it offers better functionality for developers (not the other way

> For most organizations, ethics is nothing more than a feel-good talking
> point. Something that is neither implemented, nor observed.
> As such, appeals based on ethical principles fall upon deaf ears.

A agree but you seem to reduce freedom to ethics. What I wanted to
underline is that the "battlefield of freedom" offers a superior
position for LO for a very wide audience: Commercial organizations will
get the freedom of indipendence (that's why Google&Co use GNU/Linux for
server farms and not Windows). So "freedom" can mean "commercial
autonomy" as well that's why the argumentation would allow LO to address
any kind of audience by convincing users with a "feature" that no one
else can offer (freedom).

> Neither people nor organizations are concerned about those things, until
> they discover that their data has been passed on to nefarious third
> parties, by their software vendor.

That's why a good promo trailer like the one of publiccode.eu explains
this aspect very well so that organiszations will remember it once they
are affected.

Example: In my last job I tried to convince a private university to use
LimeSurvey as survey tool anstead of QuestionPro. They didn't listen
because QuestionPro offered accounts without paying money for it and
this way the university didn't need to host anything. Now someone told
me that QuestionPro cut the access to all accounts (and the saved
scientific data) from one day to the next (yes, maybe the university
forgot some kind of deadline for the "free accounts") but now the
decision makers understand my argumentation why it is better to go for a
freedom respecting software like LimeSurvey.

> A white paper showing how LibO meets requirements for various privacy
> related legislation might be useful here.

Well, LO can mention this but as long legislation is made my the
companies this is no battlefield Free Software should choose to
convince. Guess why Europe is a software colony of Microsoft: For one
politician in the EU there are 20 lobbyists. Legislation is made by
companies for companies (compare Caspar Bowden: "The Cloud Conspiracy
2008-2014 : how the EU was hypnotised that the NSA did not exist" [1]).

>> In this way LO will convince governments, companies, the educational
sector and NGOs,
> The question to be addressed here, is "Who can be sued, if things go
> wrong?"
> Whilst Microsoft's _Terms and Conditions_ claim no liability, that
> doesn't prevent support companies from being sued, when things go wrong.
> This is where a lawyer is needed, to explain either who could
> sucessfully be sued, if LibO goes wrong, or why such a lawsuit would not
> be filable in the first place.

Well, I hope I got your point: It is very relieving if you can say "sry,
not my department because the service is not hosted by our datacenter"
but consider my QuestionPro/LimeSurvey example above: Does a sue will
provide you access to your data when you need it right now? ;)

>> not by trying to convince users in a perspective that is already
totally lost to the proprietary sector ("functionality"
> The functionality issue will be over, when you can pick up _LibreOffice
> For Managing you Futures Portfolio: Shorts, Straddles, Puts, and
> Candlesticks_ at your local Office Depot, or _Asteroid Hunting using
> LibreOffice_ at your local _Books a Million_.
> (I've only slightly changed the titles of books about Excel, that I've
> seen in bookstores.)

Yes I agree but you won't break through this vicious circle by attacking
proprietary software choosing a battlefiend you can not win on.

>> aka "but MS Office is so easy to use").
> Familiarity, not ease of use.

Okay, "familiarity" as well, but again: This is the case because MS
dominates the market with functional argumentation and this won't stop
until FreeSoftware developers explain the advantages of software freedom.

On 4/18/19 9:54 PM, Drew Jensen wrote:> On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 12:33 PM
Warren Camilleri
> LibreOffice Viewer for Android (short - brand/emoting oriented)
> https://youtu.be/zIDFFLre08I

Wow, this is what I was looking for: Could we have just this for the
desktop version of LO? The idea with the bursting chains is great and
explains the core aspect I try to underline in a smart way!

Best regards

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