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I receive reports a regular basis from a pizza delivery driver who sends them from his iPad. A 
raw data dump of the HTML part of a sample report with customer identifying information 
replaced by "Address 1" and "Address 2" will be pasted below my signature.

Receiving this report via Pegasus Mail I have two potentially useful ways to paste the content 
of these reports into LO Calc (HTML and RTF). Each of these has a issue though I can work 
with the RTF method far more easily than the HTML method.

My problem with the HTML method (which, by the way, also exists with tables of data copied 
directly from my power company's web site) is that the header row (<th>) contains a colspan 
attribute that is misapplied by LO. In this <th> row the first (and only) field is not merged 
across any columns to its right but it should be merged across 14 additional columns. In the 
first row below that the first field is not (nor should it be) merged at all but in the next four 
rows the first field is erroneously merged progressively over 15, 29, 43, and 57 columns. The 
first (and again only) field in the second table's <th> row is merged across 71 columns 
instead of 11. The first field of next row is merged across the same 71 columns though it 
should not be merged at all and on the remaining two rows the first field is erroneously 
merged across 81 and then 91 columns.

Has anyone else experienced this anomaly? 

I don't know how LO determines what is a numeric field amd what is a textial field when 
pasting from the clipboard by my problem with the RTF method is LO gets it backward. Cells 
that received numeric fields get formatted as Category Text with Format @ and those that 
receive textual fields get formatted as Category Number with Format General. This means 
that if I subsequently enter a formula [e.g. =SUM(A5:A15)] where a numeric field (e.g. 5 or 
$7.52) had been that formula gets interpreted as text instead of being interpreted as a 
formula. The values in A5:A15 (which were also pasted from an HTML source) are zero since 
they are formatted as text so the formula can not work anyway. This is not theory. I stumbled 
upon this when i tried to shift some columns without retaining their former location info (Copy, 
Del, Pas
Can anyone else verify this?

Are there any bugzilla reports regarding any of these issues? Into how many bugzilla reports 
should I break this down? [HTML -- 1? or 2?. RTF -- 1? or 2? Inability to enter a formula that 
is recognized as such into a Category Text Format @ cell -- ?] I see the possibility of possibly 
as many as five separate bugzilla reports but I don't look forward to submitting them.


=========== Start of the source HTML data =============
<html><head><meta http-equiv=3D"content-type" content=3D"text/html; charset=3D=
utf-8"></head><body dir=3D"auto"><div><table border=3D"1" cellspacing=3D"0" c=
ellpadding=3D"4" xstyle=3D"table-layout:fixed"><form></form><tbody><tr style=
=3D"background-color:#3F5A8B;color:#FFFFFF"><th colspan=3D"15">Pizza Deliver=
ies</th></tr><tr><th nowrap=3D"">CHK</th><th nowrap=3D"">Ticket</th><th nowr=
ap=3D"">Where</th><th nowrap=3D"">When</th><th nowrap=3D"">Last</th><th nowr=
ap=3D"">Price</th><th nowrap=3D"">Cash</th><th nowrap=3D"">Card</th><th nowr=
ap=3D"">=E2=88=86 pay</th><th nowrap=3D"">pay</th><th nowrap=3D"">reconcilia=
tion</th><th nowrap=3D"">tip</th><th nowrap=3D"">income</th><th nowrap=3D"">=
Orders</th><th nowrap=3D"">Note</th></tr><tr style=3D"background-color:#FFFF=
FF;color:#000000"><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:center"><input type=3D=
"checkbox"></td><td nowrap=3D"">812718<br></td><td nowrap=3D"">Address 1=
<br></td><td nowrap=3D""> 2/3/16, 8:54 PM<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"t=
ext-align:center">1<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$54.4=
7<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right"><br></td><td nowrap=3D"=
" style=3D"text-align:right">$59.47<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-al=
ign:right"><br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$5.74<br></td=
<td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">-$10.74<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" s=
tyle=3D"text-align:right">$5.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:=
right">$10.74<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">1<br></td><=
td nowrap=3D""><br></td></tr><tr style=3D"background-color:#FFFFFF;color:#00=
0000"><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:center"><input type=3D"checkbox"><=
/td><td nowrap=3D"">812719<br></td><td nowrap=3D"">Address 2<br></td><td=
 nowrap=3D""> 2/3/16, 8:55 PM<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:ce=
nter">1<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$42.98<br></td><t=
d nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right"><br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"t=
ext-align:right">$49.98<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right"><=
br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$4.67<br></td><td nowrap=3D=
"" style=3D"text-align:right">-$11.67<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-=
align:right">$7.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$11.67=
<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">1<br></td><td nowrap=3D"=
"><br></td></tr><tr style=3D"background-color:#FFFFFF;color:#000000"><td now=
rap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:center"><input type=3D"checkbox"></td><td nowra=
p=3D"">812719<br></td><td nowrap=3D"">Address 2<br></td><td nowrap=3D"">=
 2/3/16, 8:56 PM<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:center">1<br></=
td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right"><br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=
=3D"text-align:right"><br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right"><b=
r></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">-$0.67<br></td><td nowrap=3D=
"" style=3D"text-align:right">$0.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-al=
ign:right">$0.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$0.00<br=
</td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$0.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D=
"" style=3D"text-align:right">0<br></td><td nowrap=3D"">second trip to excha=
nge salad dressings<br></td></tr><tr style=3D"background-color:#E8E8E8;color=
:#656565"><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:center;color:#UIDeviceWhiteCol=
orSpace 0.333333 1">0/3</td><td nowrap=3D""><br></td><td nowrap=3D""><br></t=
d><td nowrap=3D""><br></td><td nowrap=3D""><br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D=
"text-align:right">$97.45<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right"=
$0.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$109.45<br></td><t=
d nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">-$0.67<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" styl=
e=3D"text-align:right">$10.41<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:ri=
ght">-$22.41<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$12.00<br></=
td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$22.41<br></td><td nowrap=3D""=
 style=3D"text-align:right">2<br></td><td nowrap=3D""><br></td></tr></tbody>=
</table><br><br><table border=3D"1" cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"4" xsty=
le=3D"table-layout:fixed"><form></form><tbody><tr style=3D"background-color:=
#3F5A8B;color:#FFFFFF"><th colspan=3D"11">Other Transactions</th></tr><tr><t=
h nowrap=3D"">CHK</th><th nowrap=3D"">Ticket</th><th nowrap=3D"">Where</th><=
th nowrap=3D"">When</th><th nowrap=3D"">Last</th><th nowrap=3D"">Price</th><=
th nowrap=3D"">Cash</th><th nowrap=3D"">Card</th><th nowrap=3D"">pay</th><th=
 nowrap=3D"">=E2=88=86 pay</th><th nowrap=3D"">Note</th></tr><tr style=3D"ba=
ckground-color:#FFFFFF;color:#000000"><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:ce=
nter"><input type=3D"checkbox"></td><td nowrap=3D"">812719<br></td><td nowra=
p=3D"">Address 2<br></td><td nowrap=3D""> 2/3/16, 8:56 PM<br></td><td no=
wrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:center">1<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"tex=
t-align:right"><br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right"><br></td>=
<td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right"><br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D=
"text-align:right">$0.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">=
-$0.67<br></td><td nowrap=3D""><br></td></tr><tr style=3D"background-color:#=
E8E8E8;color:#656565"><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:center;color:#UIDe=
viceWhiteColorSpace 0.333333 1">0/1</td><td nowrap=3D""><br></td><td nowrap=3D=
""><br></td><td nowrap=3D""><br></td><td nowrap=3D""><br></td><td nowrap=3D"=
" style=3D"text-align:right">$0.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-ali=
gn:right">$0.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$0.00<br>=
</td><td nowrap=3D"" style=3D"text-align:right">$0.00<br></td><td nowrap=3D"=
" style=3D"text-align:right">-$0.67<br></td><td nowrap=3D""><br></td></tr></=
tbody></table><br><br></div><div><br><br>Sent from my iPad</div></body></htm=
=========== End of pasted raw view of the second part =============
------- End of forwarded message -------

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