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Using a web browser to send and receive eMail is the least likely to maintain threading. OTOH most 
servers that natively use a browser interface also allow third party mail clients (e.g. 
Thunderbird, Outlook, Pine, etc.) access via POP3 and/or IMAP (IMAP4) for receiving and SMTP for 
sending eMail. Most of these clients do support threading and my list of examples is not a 
recommendation of any of them.

Note that the clients that perform threading of received messages by subject generally do also 
include the threading headers on outgoing (sent) messages.

POP3 is a protocol that downloads the messages to you without leaving a copy on the server. IMAP 
(aka IMAP4) downloads a copy of the messages to you and within reason allows you to do as you 
please to the original (delete, refile to a folder or a hierarchy of folders if you like, leave in 
your INBOX, etc.) that is on the server. 

Do a little searching on the internet as to how to configure various clients to access the servers 
(e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) using these protocols. It can be a little intimidating if you don't do 
the research. Note that some clients may speak of mail boxes and trays and folders while others use 
the terms accounts and nested mail boxes. They are the same functionally. 

After the initial setup process (maybe as much as five minutes) I think you'll be very pleased with 
the change though everyone has his (her) own ideas as to how an eMail client should look or work. 
Wikipedia has an article about the myriad eMail clients that exist. Many of them are free. Try one; 
try several. You'll probably something to suit your taste.


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Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] Tooo many messages on this mailing list?? How to avoid being 
swamped ...

anne-ology wrote:
        very interesting, indeed.

        And has me curiously wondering ...
           are you saying that by clicking on 'forward' then changing the
'Fw'/'Fwd' in the subject line to 'Re' breaks this coding in some
e-programs ???  ;-o

For someone reading mail using a mail client which uses the in-reply-to: 
and references: headers, replying will keep the thread together 
regardless of the subject line (provided the person sending the reply 
adds those headers).

For someone reading mail using a mail client which uses the in-reply-to: 
and references: headers, forwarding an email instead of replying will 
break the thread, regardless of the subject line. It's a new message, 
usually being forwarded to a different person, not a reply to the 
original sender. So it's best to use "reply" when replying, and keep 
"forward" for forwarding.

For someone reading mail using a mail client which doesn't use those 
headers, but analyses the subject line, whether the messages are groups 
into a thread is somewhat unpredictable. It's common to add "Re:" to the 
beginning of the subject of a reply, so trying to exactly match the 
subject line will often fail. So most clients analysing the subject line 
probably ignore "Re:", and perhaps other languages and variations. Is 
"Fwd:" ignored in the same way? What about "[Fwd]"? Or 
"[libreoffice-users]"? It depends on how the particular client analyses 
the subject line. It could break apart messages which should be part of 
the same thread just because of some unanticipated difference in the 
subject line, or it could treat unrelated messages as being part of the 
same thread just because they have similar subjects.

        I use gmail because I dislike the philosophy of the only ISP
available in this area;
           (am ready to change the moment there's an alternative available
to us)

        I thus had to quit using Outlook when I switched to gmail;
           I don't know what Live Mail is but have noticed this option pops
up at times when I'm contacting someone through their site ...
          not knowing how to use, I merely copy & paste their e-address to
an e-mail  ;-)

When I mentioned Live Mail, I was thinking of Windows Live Mail which 
replaced Outlook Express. That's probably what you see popping up when 
you click an email link on a web page. As Tom mentioned, there's also 
the successor to Hotmail, which is now called, but it may 
have had the "Live" name at one time...

From: <>
Date: Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 4:34 PM
Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] Tooo many messages on this mailing list??
How to avoid being swamped ...

Not in mail clients which use the Message-Id and References: headers for
threading. They keep replies in threads regardless of the subject line.
SeaMonkey (and most likely Thunderbird) do that, as do many others.

MS Outlook seems to ignore the References: header and uses some sort of
heuristic analysis of the subject line, so changing the subject groups
messages into a separate conversation. I don't know if any other mail
clients do that. Seems like a difficult way of doing things, when there are
standard headers for doing precisely that in a reliable way, without
unreliably heuristics!

On the other hand, some replies (including yours, here) appear to me in a
separate thread despite having the same subject, because they don't include
the References: header. I guess you (and others which do this) are posting
using MS Outlook or Live Mail, or perhaps a mobile phone / tablet app.


anne-ology - wrote:

         well said.

         One thing that bothers me re. this threading,
            is that if the subject line is changed in any way, it starts a
new thread.

From: Tom Davies <>
Date: Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 2:52 PM
Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] Tooo many messages on this mailing list??
How to avoid being swamped ...
To: Rob Jasper <>
Cc: "" <>

Hi :)
Most email clients have such threading.  Thunderbird, Claws and Evolution
do.  "The Bat!" (for Windows) does.  Gmail is not really an email client as
you tend to create a new email address to use it, but it does the
conversations/threading thing by default too.

Hotmail (that's an MS one right?) and Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo don't.
Well, Yahoo might by now but the Micorosoft ones haven't caught up with the
rest of the world yet.

I found that moving from unthreaded to threaded was a HUGE help.  Before
that i'd been struggling with every single email!!  A complete nightmare.
Now i can see the whole thread/conversation and which issues have already
been dealt with and which issues could maybe do with a bit more work.  It's
drastically cut the amount of emails i write :))

As with any new system it took me a while to work it out and a little
longer to really start benefiting from it.  Much the same as when i took a
touch-typing course, initially my speeds plummeted but quite soon after i
was really glad i'd made the switch.  When i finally managed to get all my
emails being pulled into my GMail account it really "polished off" my
migration.  At first i "kept all the email on the server" so they were
still in Yahoo and being duplicated in GMail but once i was confident (took
me about a week) i switched that around so that they get deleted from Yahoo
if they make it into GMail.  I still have my Yahoo account but i rarely
ever even sign into it except to change the password and just check.

I'm not saying this to advertise Gmail.  Many, many email systems have this
functionality.  The main thing is to move away from total reliance on
Microsoft ones by using any of them.

I suspect that a lot of Alexander's problem with this mailing list is that
he is still stuck on Hotmail.
Regards from
Tom :)

On 14 October 2015 at 19:00, Rob Jasper <> wrote:

reading with my standard iMac email client set to "organize by
Conversation", and this bundels all mails of one thread into one entry,


after the discussion tread calmes down (does not pop to the top of my
unread email list anymore) I just delete the whole thing in one go.
I'm sure other mailers have the same functionality.

Just my solution, but it works for me :-)


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