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      Can t stop laughing at the way everyone hates with a passion MS ie versions but everything 
gets over laid over ie; i ve used ie forever and never had a problem; i hear it all its to big or 
small or messy or not sucure or chashs alot or to easy to hack etc.
If ie is so awful bad how come no one invents a browser that has nothing; takes nothing and borrows 
nothing from ie ?    No plug in s or add on s be 100 % new.
I ve tryed avant; and firefox and modzilla and opera and chrome and short of using a stop watch; 
standing on my head or using zoom i don t see a difference and they all run worse on windows 7 64 
Ubuntu sounds way to tricky to install and get it to run right so won t use it.
Now heres something weird; i have used a 28 and 108 mb versions of libre but just came across a 208 
mb 3.6 version along with some 10 mb help add on; thinking i ll un install the libre crap i have 
now and try 3.6 with help maybe they finally fixed the windows 7 issues after doing nothing for 3 
yrs of screwing us users  -  later  . .    

--- On Fri, 10/12/12, krackedpress [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] 
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From: krackedpress [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] <>
Subject: Re: Auto and Manual Spell do not work . .
To: "Lostsoul" <>
Date: Friday, October 12, 2012, 9:12 AM

Ubuntu is one of the more popular versions of Linux operating systems.   
Linux is more stable than Windows, where if a package crashes it is just 
the package and not the whole system like Windows often does.  You 
cannot [or easily] run Windows package on Linux, but you should find 
everything you will need for free so you will not have to buy anything.   
Also, the nasties that infect Windows are a rare breed for Linux. 

Linux OSs are usually free.  Linux software are almost always free. 

I went to Ubuntu's version of Linux several years ago.  I like it better 
than Windows, for the most part.  I have been using Ubuntu for my main 
desktop system since Feb. 2010 when I bought it.  I have my Dell laptop, 
since it has room for it, dual booting so I can use either Vista or 
Ubuntu on it.  I rarely use Windows anymore, except for one USB hardware 
and to use Epson's software to print a label directly on my printable 
CDs/DVDs.  Sometimes it take a bit for the newest printers to get a 
specific driver, but most HP printers are currently covered and you can 
find drivers that work for the other brands halfway easily if the 
company down not offer a link to a Linux driver. 

If you are a "normal" Windows user, you may find it hard to switch to a 
version of Linux.  It is just like switching from Windows to Mac or Mac 
to Windows, hard to get use to and you will need to get all the package 
you might need for your work on the computer.  I switched because there 
were a lot of package that I needed and could not afford to buy them 
using a Windows OS.  I found all of those package types free on Linux.   
Actually now a few have been ported over to Windows, but not when I 
needed them a few years ago. 

So I would think you would not want to switch over to a Linux OS. 

I do not remember any Linux users having the Spell Checking problems you 
are having on Windows, though. 

On 10/11/2012 09:44 PM, Lostsoul wrote: 

      Ok  what is Ubuntu i have no idea; never used it so whats the 411 on it; hows it work and 
whats the checking system you use maybe i should try it hum; might help me nail and fix the no 
spell check   -  later  .  .  . 

--- On Thu, 10/11/12, krackedpress [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] <[hidden email]> wrote: 

From: krackedpress [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] <[hidden email]> 
Subject: Re: Auto and Manual Spell do not work . . 
To: "Lostsoul" <[hidden email]> 
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012, 9:16 PM 

I know many users that have Win7 and their LO package works fine. 

I know of users that have this spelling issue with Vista and XP. 

It is not an issue that can be easily replicated, since only a few 
people seem to have trouble with the spell checking system.  If the 
issue cannot be easy replicated, it becomes very hard to find what code 
or combination of code is causing the problem on only certain systems. 
It could be something as weird as some problem in the Win7 registry that 
is corrupted that could be causing the problem.  I have to run a 
checking system every so ofter to fix the registry errors that happen on 
my various XP and Vista systems I deal with from time to time [mine and 

Oh well, that is why I have been running Ubuntu since 2009 on my main 
desktop and on various servers and laptops before then. 

On 10/11/2012 08:11 PM, Robert Burns wrote: 

       Hummm thinking wonder if i could copy and paste a doc to Libre then follow you ideas or 
do i have to invent;  type up a new doc and tryed out Open Office and I B M  lotus and they both 
hate both windows 7 amazing that can t get fixed so far;  looking at other office programs maybe 
they all don t hate win 7 -  theirs a bunch of free ones its amazing - later . 

--- On Thu, 10/11/12, Tom Davies <[hidden email]> wrote: 

From: Tom Davies <[hidden email]> 
Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] Re: Auto and Manual Spell do not work . . 
To: "Lostsoul" <[hidden email]>, "[hidden email]" <[hidden email]> 
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012, 8:14 AM 

Hi :) 
I think just try exactly what you have described. 
1.  Just save the file 
2.  close the file 
3.  double-click to open it 
4.  click on the spell-check button 

If step 3 opens the file in anything other than LibreOffice then 
1.  close the file again 
2.  right-click on the file's icon, a menu should appear 
3.  in that right-click menu choose "Open with ..." 
4.  Hopefully LibreOffice Writer should be in there.  If not then at the bottom there is usually 
something like "more programs".  LibreOffice's various programs/modules (Writer, Calc etc) 
should be in there. 

If that doesn't work or starts looking far too complicated then 
1.  Open LibreOffice but do 
File - Close 
to get back to the LO splash-screen that offers a choice of which module to open. 
2.  Instead of opening a module just drag the file's icon into the LO window 

Probably the 1st set of 4 steps will do the trick.  The rest is just in case it's being awkward. 
 I have forgotten which OS you are using but they are all pretty much the same except Mac.  
However, there are slight differences so please let us know which OS you are using to get better 
detail.  Windows?  Xp, Win7?  Ubuntu, Mageia, Fedora openSUSE or some other flavour of 
Gnu&Linux?  OS X or other Mac?  It seems unlikely you are using a BSD (unless you count Mac) but 
if you are there might still be someone on this list using it although i think they tend to go 
off to the devs list fairly quickly or use their own down-stream forums/lists. 
Regards from 
Tom :) 

From: Lostsoul <[hidden email]> 
To: [hidden email] 
Sent: Thursday, 11 October 2012, 12:41 
Subject: [libreoffice-users] Re: Auto and Manual Spell do not work . . 

       Can i save a document then re open it in Libre that re open in Libre are have it spelled 
checked to fix a mis spelled word that was missed earlyier and if so how? 

--- On Thu, 10/11/12, Jean-Francois Nifenecker [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] <[hidden 
email]> wrote: 

From: Jean-Francois Nifenecker [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] <[hidden email]> 
Subject: Re: Auto and Manual Spell do not work . . 
To: "Lostsoul" <[hidden email]> 
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012, 2:05 AM 


Le 11/10/2012 02:22, Lostsoul a écrit : 
Ok using Libre version and my auto spell doesn t and even worse when 
i click on manual spell check all i get is the stupid question do i want to 
start at the top; i click yes 
I think that question is not stupid. Some people just want to start 
spellchecking at the current location. YMMV. 

but then i get the boot telling me its all 
finished and it isn t ! ? 

So whats that crap all about and how do i fix it  ? ?   H E L P  waiting . . 

Check that in Format / Characters the language is defined as you wish. 
If it is defined as [none] no wonder you get the behaviour you're meeting. 

The best way to fix the undefined language is to set the underlying 
paragraph style: 
(the paragraph being selected or the insertion point being in the faulty 
1. F11 (or Format / Styles and formatting). A new toolbar shows up. 
2. Make sure the Paragraph styles list is selected (first toolbutton 
from the left) 
2. Right-Click the selected style name 
3. Select Change 
4. In the Font page, go to Language list. Set the language to the 
desired value. 
5. Validate 

And you're set! 

Note: I'm using an FR interface. The menus and options names above are 
freely translated. 


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