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* Present:
    + Norbert, Stephan, Jan-Marek, Oliver, Sophie, Lionel, Robinson,
      Jacobo, Jan I, David, Bubli, Olivier, Thorstenb, Bjoern, Miklos,
      Michael S, Muthu, Eike, Kendy, Armin, Caolan, Andras
* Completed Action Items:
    + kind offer to setup an MSVC2015 tinderbox vs. master (Thorsten)
        [ live and working, some problems with cppunit tests
          triggering a dialog with automatic debugging.
          Needs registry tweak to turn of debugging. ]
    + reach-out to Beta Co-working guy to book pre-FOSDEM hackfest (Bjoern)
        [ mailed & response - just fine, promote them in the wiki pages.
          Asked for the 2x days before FOSDEM. ]
* Pending Action Items:
    + add a 4.4.7 to the release-plan (Cloph)
    + please cleanup / merge mentoring page (JanI)
    + UserAgent - drop bundled-languages (Michael)
    + UserAgent - produce a patch for review (Michael)
    + talk to Alex wrt. design blog tomorrow (Cloph)
    + Largo as a hack-fest venue ? chat to Dave (Robinson)
    + come up with a proposal for "abandoned" / "insufficient data"
      resolution in the bug-flow graph (Robinson)
        [ some ideas, will send mail after the call ]
* Release Engineering update (Robinson)
    + 4.4.6 / 5.0.3 retrospective
        + out now.
    + 4.4.7
        + RC1 / freeze week 46, 1 week out.
    + 5.1.0 branch / feature-freeze: ~2 weeks out: Week 47
        + had bug-hunting session with Alpha1 @ weekend.
    + 5.0.4 status
        + RC1 / freeze week 48, 3x weeks out.
    + Android & iOS Remote
    + 4x CVEs release today (Bjoern)
        + people should be aware:
        + Caolan updated the page, but needs crediting for the fixes.
* Introduction (Armin)
    + formerly Armin Weiss,
    + working on the code-base for ~15 yrs, from StarDivision, with Marco.
        + formerly at IBM, now at CIB.
    + working on LibreOffice immediately, starting now.
    + currently getting used to new stuff; gerrit, new builds etc.
        + warming up the fingers.
    + commit access for him? (Bubli)
        => adding him (Norbert) Done.
    + pushing to gerrit gives a free-build on all platforms in 30-40mins (Norbert)
        + it's awesome (Armin)
        + if have a patch, want to test, but don't want it to go through:
            + put a -1 self review on it; it helps.
        + also can use a +2 to avoid others reviewing things (Bjoern)
            + or makes people think you forgot to press the button (Kendy)
* Widow / Orphan controls on by default (Justin)
        "I would like to request that someone give official endorsement
          to turning on widow/orphan controls by default for new
          documents.  I expect this probably fits ESC better than UI
        + replied on the list, pretty old feature & stable (Miklos)
            + just a UX decision if it should be on/off.
        + not entirely UX (Bubli)
            + changes ODF export around styles (are they default styles)
        + from the bug report (JMux)
            + default value currently not saved in the doc.
            + all old documents without this would get it on load.
            + he intends that only new docs get it (Lionel)
        + Can we store this 'on/off' setting for Microsoft docs ? (Michael S)
            + by default on since MS Word 2003 - so improves interop (Lionel)
                + all for it in general; no opinion on implementation.
        + not necessary for UX to discuss it (Kendy)
        => as long as it doesn't break old docs - happy for it to go in
           with the new more interoperable default.
* Documentation (Kendy/Olivier)
    + someone working on online modification of help-files
         + Jay to encourage him to push that publicly.
         + in a while will need a VM from infra to test this.
    + more changes in help-authoring:
         + better image handling; new version needs releasing soon.
    + in the last week:
         + added nice new help pages from Lera Goncharuk (tagezi)
             + interested in cleaning trash from the help files too.
             + which may help translators too - avoiding redundant work.
         + Jay is updating the help for the menus & the authoring ext'n.
         + Regina & Eike did some work at the hackfest tool.
* UX Update (Kendy)
    + new icons 32pix vers of tango & Sifr as well.
        + code to enable 32pix icons coming soon.
        + need a switch in tools->options to enable them.
    + this Friday:
        + design session building ideas around NotebookBar.
            + ideally when Samuel is back
                + won't be (Bubli, Thorsten)
            + won't be only 1x session.
    + increased interest in new user statistics
        + hackers to improve POC appreciated.
    + impress slide transition selection bits (Michael)
        + hoping to re-use gallery code to have bigger thumbnails.
        + help appreciated creating pretty & larger icons there.
            + traditionally not part of the freeze anyway (Kendy)
            + best to get size nailed down 1st (Michael)
* Import pages from old OOo wiki into TDF wiki (Bubli)
    + lots of useful documentation living there (framework, SfxItem* etc.)
        + that doesn't exist anywhere else
    + can we do that? (licensing etc.)
    + DennisRoczek volunteered to take over the technical side of things
        + import pages including history
    + shortlist of pages to import (?)
    + there are backups of the AOO wiki - so no urgency (Michael)
    + Access2Base - should move across (Olivier)
        + no IP concern at all - as he wrote it himself (Michael)
            + fairly sure of that (Lionel)
                + written in some specific wiki software, lots of js
                + will that markup migrate easily -> MediaWiki ?
    + IP concerns about other wiki content (Michael)
        + wondered what other pages would be sensible (Bjoern)
            + the writer core documentation
        + a number of README's link AOO wiki pages.
            + if a shortlist needed, grep in the READMEs
            + the developer-guide also in the wiki (Michael S)
                + links to it (Lionel)
                  see e.g.
                + PDL licensed - so less of a concern (Thorsten)
AI:     + find someone who wants to quietly review both sets of licensing & compare (Robinson)
        + more ideally, create new, clean content on our wiki (Bjoern)
            + if the content is created by volunteers - no issue (Robinson)
        + if necessary can run a 'zoo' wiki of our own (Michael)
            + writer's core documentation linked to a place it can't be edited (Bjoern)
AI:     + have a call to oversee license issues from Robinson (Thorsten, Michael etc.)

* Make TDF infrastructure configuration public (DavidO)
    + wants to see salt, etc.
    + request seems sensible (Bjoern)
        + some things we do hit the wall, unclear where repositories are.
        + agreed (Thorsten)
    => suggest this belongs to the sysadmin team (Thorsten)
        + if sysadmin team is unwilling escallate to board etc.
* Crashtest update (Caolán on vacation)
    + 0 import failures, 0 export failures, 373 coverity issues
        + numbers back to zero again after a bump.
    + asan+ubsan crashtest run
        + some results, a tragic accident deleted all the logs however, so new run needed
        + lots of duplication there.
    + event testing - found & fixed another issue - ongoing.
* Hackfests (Bjoern)
    + GNOME hack-fest in Madrid
        + asked for board funding
            + Norbert, Thorsten, Michael, Bjoern -> fine in principle.
            + Bubli, Bjoern, JanI, Xisco ?
        + room is booked, it is happening: Dec 2nd ->4th in Madrid.
            + will create a wiki page of our own. 
    + FOSDEM / Beta Co-working (Bjoern)
        + we're welcome, but shoudl promote them.
AI:         + setup wiki page with dates (Bjoern)
AI:     + can we book a conference room for a board meeting (Florian/Bjoern?)
    + LiMux hackfest end of November (Jan-Marek)
        + "Same procedure as every year" (almost)
        + Yup - we're late to the show
        + Please add yourself and vote for your preferered weekend 

            + if 1x more person signs up - we'll do a hack-fest.
                + Just saw that there are already 10 people (Jan-Marek)
        + good opportunity to meet Debian / Kubuntu people (Bjoern)
        + Will announce official weekend on Friday
    + next venues / suggestions
        + considering another Gran Canaria hack-fest (Thorsten)
            + March next year (?)
* l10n Update (Sophie)
    + nothing problematic happening.
* Developer Certification (Stephan/Bjoern/Kendy/Thorsten)
    + pending another 6 weeks.
    + who updates the certification page ? (Italo)
         + problems remembering the pwd (Kendy, Stephan)
    + newly appointed: Mihai Varga, Oliver Specht, Philippe Jung
         + congratulations etc. Italo to send out certificates.
AI:      + update the page (Sophie)
* Checking for DSO dependencies (Michael S)
    + collecting some ideas a while back.
    + board decision on budget proposal mail.
        + this guy not funded.
    + rather a trivial idea - script to check DSO dependencies are the ones we expect.
        + not some librtmp foo - that broke the bibisect repo.
AI: + look into writing such a script (Stephan)
* Jenkins / CI update (Norbert)
   from:Thu Oct 29 15:00:37 2015
   master linux rel  jobs:199 ok:187 ko:12 fail ratio:6.03%  break:8  broken duration:1.95%
   master linux dbg  jobs:197 ok:175 ko:21 fail ratio:10.65% break:6  broken duration:19.17%
   master mac rel    jobs:190 ok:183 ko:7  fail ratio:3.68%  break:4  broken duration:0.9%
   master mac dbg    jobs:197 ok:186 ko:10 fail ratio:5.07%  break:4  broken duration:0.96%
   master win rel    jobs:107 ok:103 ko:4  fail ratio:3.73%  break:4  broken duration:1.42%
   master win dbg    jobs:161 ok:139 ko:22 fail ratio:13.66% break:17 broken duration:7.21%
   master win64 dbg  jobs:143 ok:131 ko:12 fail ratio:8.39%  break:9  broken duration:4.57%
   lo-4.4 mac        jobs:2   ok:2   ko:0  fail ratio:0%     break:0  broken duration:0%
   gerrit win rel    jobs:201 ok:131 ko:70 fail ratio:34.82%
   gerrit lin rel    jobs:206 ok:178 ko:28 fail ratio:13.59%
   gerrit mac rel    jobs:203 ok:176 ko:26 fail ratio:12.8%
   gerrit all        jobs:200 ok:114 ko:85 fail ratio:42.5%
        + reasonable week; weird linux dbg result, but overall good.
        + 2x new Linux boxes on-line with good results
           + cold-build is 20 mins; hot is less.
        + moved ubisan to one of these boxes
           + should be possible to tweak config in distro-config
           + distro-config/jenkins
               + so jobs get config from there to adapt as needed.
               + be careful; don't break jenkins.
               + so far just for ubisan, moving all CI slaves to this.
           + build running 'make check' to find nasties sooner.
           + runs / reported on the tinderbox website:
        + is the distro-config stuff a script that runs jenkins ? (Bjoern)
           + not a script, just configure options
           + all scripting is part of lode.git
* Remove yet another check from the ZIP reader (Jan-Marek)
    + Actually almost the last local file header one. Breaks WollMux extension build by our new 
maven toolchain.
        + didn't accept ZIP files.
    + Probably adapting checks 7zip is doing in CPP/7zip/Archive/Zip/ZipIn.cpp / AreItemsEqual
        + history of the LO file commits is endlessly removing checks.
    + See
        + if we don't crash - why validate so much ? (Michael)
            + not interested in warning on invalid ZIPs
        + bit of a risk of really corrupted ZIP archives (Thorsten)
            + 10x years of relaxing constraints - lets keep going.
AI: + Will push the patch (Jan-Marek)
* Easy Hacks:
    + new easy-hacks thanks to:
    + create your own by setting whiteboard to eg.
            "easyHack difficultyBeginner skillCpp topicCleanup"
    + create new easy hacks from these proposed ones
      (or remove the whiteboard keyword "needsDevEval" if not feasible):
* Why do we have 2x svg things ? (Caolan)
    + punt to the next call and/or keep it on the list.
* QA update (Robinson)
    + UNCONFIRMED at 539 + 21 bugs in UX-advise
        + Bump during BugHunting Session
    + needAdvice at 16
    + BugHunting Session for 5.1 retrospective
        + Over 100 bugs filed during the weekend (incl. couple crashers)
        + Rather quiet in IRC -> more chatter can be welcoming
        + Next BugHunting Session is first week of December; increased recruitment:

    + Most Pressing Bugs:
        + tdf#95573 - EXTENSION MANAGER - freeze / hang when attempting to install extensions on 
OSX 10.11...
        + tdf#95584 - Text with background color set not rendered correctly in presentation and 
exported PDF file
            + bg color disappears
            + not a regression, an unimplemented feature (Bubli)
                + part is a duplicate of an already reported issue (tdf#93789)
AI:     + Add a new 5.1 category for high-prio. bugs (Robinson)
* QA stats
    +180    -94        (+86 overall)
    many thanks to the top bug squashers:
        Dennis Roczek          7
        Timur                  6
        tommy27                6
        Alex Thurgood          5
        raal                   5
        Adolfo Jayme           4
        m.a.riosv              4
        Maxim Monastirsky      4
        Jacques Guilleron      4
        Andras Timar           3
        Cor Nouws              3
        Yousuf (Jay) Philips   3
        Katarina Behrens (CIB) 3
        Stephan Bergmann       2
        Miklos Vajna           2
* Highest-Priority bugs (aka "MABs"):
        5.0: 12/49 - 24%    +0
        4.4: 10/70 - 14%    +0
        4.3: 6/67   - 8%    +0
        4.2: 11/132 - 8%    +0
        4.1: 4/79   - 5%    +0
        4.0: 11/81  - 13%   +0
        old: 39/246 - 15%   +0
* Bibisected bugs open: whiteboard 'bibisected'
  + 332/1088 341/1089 330/1074 324/1064 322/1047 324/1039 325/1029
* all bugs tagged with 'regression'
        + stats are for two weeks ...
        + 711(+8) bugs open of 4385(+20) total 45(+0) high prio.
        * ~Component   count net * high severity regressions
                  Calc - 20 (+0)
                Writer - 12 (-1)
           LibreOffice -  7 (+0)
               Impress -  2 (+0)
                  Base -  2 (+1)
            Extensions -  1 (+1)
   filters and storage -  0 (-1)
                    UI -  0 (-1)
        * ~Component   count net * all regressions
                Writer - 239 (+2)
                  Calc - 155 (+4)
               Crashes -  51 (-2)
               Impress -  50 (-1)
           LibreOffice -  48 (+0)
                    UI -  43 (+0)
        graphics stack -  31 (+1)
               Borders -  28 (+0)
                  Base -  25 (+1)
                  Draw -  20 (-1)
   filters and storage -  15 (-1)
                 BASIC -  11 (+1)
Printing and PDF export-  11 (+0)
                 Chart -  10 (+0)
        Formula Editor -   5 (+0)
            Extensions -   3 (+1)
          Installation -   2 (+2)
             framework -   2 (+0)
            Linguistic -   2 (+0)
                   sdk -   1 (+0)

--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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