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Re: [libreoffice-marketing] LibreOfficeFR situation update

Le 24/03/2020 à 18:40, William Gathoye (LibreOffice) a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> TL;DR: While LibreOfficeFR continues to have some great stats, I have
> recently been suffering from some demotivation. I hereafter explain what
> is being done to remotivate troops, what are the current commitments and
> what could be the near term objectives.

I wonder why it has not been sent to the FR community? if you want help,
I guess it's there that you'll find it.
> Like proposed by Arnaud Versini, I'm sending to you some updates about
> the French community, especially about the French @LibreOfficeFR Twitter
> account and the French blog. :)
> # Statistics
> LibreOfficeFR January stats:
> Impressions : 435K tweets impressions
> Tweets : 1 516
> Profile visits: 7 110
> Mentions : 1 608
> Note: The mentions are people mentioning @LibreOfficeFR directly. These
> stats are not taking into account indirect mentions I'm still answering
> to, e.g. people speaking in French about "libre office" or
> "libreoffice". Thanks to Tweetdeck, the whole Twitter platform is indeed
> monitored in real time to catch people speaking in French about LibreOffice.
> This week, we finally have passed the bar of 14 K tweets published ;)

Well you know my opinion on that, less tweets and more quality is also a
> # Backlog and demotivation period
> I'm not mentioning February and March since these have been a bit behind
> expectations (respectively 192K and 146K) for the following reasons :
> * Over the past few weeks, due to implications in other communities
> (FOSDEM, my involvement for Mattermost and participation in Mattercon[1]
> in Bahamas), I haven't been able to answer and get implicated like I
> would have done in the past.
> * As the Corona virus puts extra burden to our community due to the
> bunch of new people working remotely, I have only been able to cope with
> direct and urgent questions, e.g. people losing their documents because
> of using Apache OpenOffice, rendering bugs in the 6.4.0 release of
> LibreOffice, etc.

You should send them to ASK/fr, as already mentioned, tweeter if far
from a knowledge base, you have to repeat yourself at each time and that
doesn't benefit other users. Today I've received around 20 call for help
on my phone, after a quick discussion on who we are, I've sent them to
Ask, otherwise, my answers would be lost.
> Even if I have been a bit demotivated by 1) the extra load especially
> the backlog of work I still need to catch up, 2) the status quo
> situation about a topic I have been reporting to TDF since Feb 2019
> (more on that later), and 3) the way the FOSDEM hackfest happened[2],
> rest assured, I'm now back on the right track :).
> While petrol is what makes cars move, *motivation is what contributors
> need* =)
> # Commitment
> I commit to still maintain regularly the LibreOfficeFR Twitter account
> and the French blog (but others are welcome to join obviously ;) ).
> Arnaud Versini and Regis Perdreau have been checking the tweets
> published and advising about the possible directions for the answers to
> give. Their commitment still needs to be confirmed for the future.

As I told you and them, I'll can support the twitter account, but imho,
it's better find more people in the FR community. I'm sure some of them
would be happy to help.
> When unsure, I ask confirmation in a *non muted* channel on Telegram,
> where Arnaud Versini, Sophie Gautier and Philippe Hemmel can give me
> their opinion and BAT (bon à tirer/right to publish).[3].
> On new releases, I send the translated announcement to Jean-Baptiste
> Faure for publication on French mailing lists. If the translation is not
> done in a timely manner, Jean-Baptiste sends by himself his own
> translation or, failing that, the english based announcement.

I usually translate the major release announcement, and Jean-Baptiste
has is own template for minor ones. This task could completely removed
from your plate if you wish, it was working well between Jean-Baptiste
and me until you jump in.
> # Catchup
> By the end of this week, I'll do everything I can to:
> 1. resync the French blog with articles whose translation has been
> missing compared to the English blog;

I can help if needed, not all have to be translated also.

> 2. since we are in a confinement period, republish these old articles on
> Twitter as "flashback" tweets (was working nice with the flashback 2019
> tweets session I published at the end of 2019/beginning 2020).

there is a lot to publish to help education sector, I'll work on the
next week-end, if my situation permit it.

> 3. answer to all questions since 2020-03-22 to now
> 4. answer to people still waiting an answer between 2020-02-21 and
> 2020-03-09 (that's the backlog gap :()

again, send them to ASK, this is where we provide help to users that
serves other users
> 5. unread mails at TDF.
> # Time management
> Maintainership is still done on a best effort basis.
> While I have been able to spend 1-2h / day, I'll need to find a way to
> reduce this workload to 1-2h / every 2 days.
> I have contacted all the companies providing social media tools used to
> contribute several people at once on a Twitter account, but the
> solutions they provided to me are way too expensive, even for a non
> profit organization like TDF.
> The only solution I have found for now one in order to keep up the same
> positive attitude via Twitter is time splitting: sharing contributors
> across time. This however requires technical oriented contributors who
> have a wholistic view of the TDF/LibreOffice project.

Asking in the FR community would help.
> Proof reading text for the blog articles can be easily found on the
> discuss-fr mailing list. Thanks again to the persons who answered
> present over the past few months :)
> # Accesses
> I'm precising this piece of info to reduce the bus factor.[4]
> Twitter access can be given using Twitter.com, Tweetdeck or via any
> third party API access.
> While third party API access is carefully monitored and restricted to
> the bare minimum (Tweetdeck and mobile apps), the following contributors
> currently have a full access to the Twitter account using Twitter.com.
> The following people have access to the username, password, and TOTP key
> of the account. These 3 elements have been shared with them using
> ProtonMail/PGP.
> - Arnaud Versini
> - Sophie Gautier (accesses granted sent today)
> - William Gathoye (myself)
> Some accesses are also defined using Tweetdeck. These accesses are only
> valid using Tweetdeck and cannot be escalated to a standard Twitter.com
> access. Contributors can only publish.
> - Arnaud Versini (admin)
> - William Gathoye (admin)
> - Sophie Gautier (admin)
> - Charles H Schulz (contributor - pending request)
> - Valerie Dagrain (contributor - pending request)
> # Near-term objectives
> - First step is to get rid of the aforementioned catchup backlog
> - A possible GSoC: an overhaul of the blog (more on that in a dedicated
> thread)
> - Growth hacking only possible with the call to action of the
> LibreOffice.org website (i.e. downloading LibreOffice) properly redesigned.
> - Virtual hackathons. I'm currently sparing money and building a server
> room for virtual hackathons. (More on that later)
> While these can be seen as personal ideas, this is what I propose for
> the LibreOfficeFR community, a needed adaptation in order to catchup
> with other FOSS communities ;)

It's for the twitter account, the FR community is also on the lists and
should be informed and concerned at first.


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[libreoffice-marketing] LibreOfficeFR situation update"William Gathoye (LibreOffice)" <william.gathoye@libreoffice.org>
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